Plaza plaza plaza

A promenade in Velenje, Slovenia designed by the architecture firm ENOTA.

– Thanks to MC for the tip.
[Source: Dezeen]

( P.S. Are you freaking out right now? 2 posts in one week? Are we back??? )

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Slovenian sports hall

Design Boom has pictures of a sports complex in Podcetrtek, Slovenia. Even if it didn’t have some great looking banks on the outside, it’s worth checking out for it’s non-skateable architecture. Why is so much architecture in the U.S. so boring?

– Thanks to Urban Kravos for the tip

Ljubljana spot by Jaka Babnik

Architects enhanced a tunnel on a bike path in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The nightime photos are from Jaka Babnik. Slovenia’s resident senior skate photographer. Currently found on page 14 of his blog, I’ve reposted them here because when I first saw these over a year ago they were on page 2, and there are no permalinks. The photo on the left is from Urban Kravos. Urban says this spot doesn’t get sessioned much:

Honestly we don’t ride it much, maybe a few times a year, because you get bored really fast, and the bike track besides the quarter is deadly. Actually the place is under a bridge, and all the bikers really paddle hard, to get back up on the other side. So you never know when you’ll hit someone. But still better than nothing.

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Slovenšcina za Skateboard

Slovenian reader Urban Kravos sent in a link to his web site where among other things like stencil art, he’s got a gallery of his apartment that is a work in progress making sure his girlfriend never asks to move in with him. (Sorry, Urban, couldn’t resist!) Kravos is an architect by trade but has been skating since age 7, and decided to surround himself with what he loves.

I’ve been also making skateboards for my hobby since 1999, first from birch plywood and about two years ago I started with vacuum technic. I’ve seen that you already found two of my friends from Slovenia, Ali Jusovic and Konan. The skateboard scene here is really small compared to the states, and everybody knows each other, and of course we all skate together when we find time…For us it is the best scene in the world, but I guess everybody thinks so about their skate surroundings. The best thing is, that we don’t actually have any good public skateparks, except that shity modular wood year 1995 type, but some riders are really good and creative, just look at Almir…And I actually don’t know anybody, that would like to be a professional skateboarder, we just take for what it is meant to be, FUN. We do other things to make a living and enjoy skateboarding just like it was, when we were kids. For me it is some sort of meditation, when I want some peace from eveyday life.

The static web site is… fairly static, but his blog gets updated more regularly.


The mother of all bowls

Apparently this spot showed up in the bizarro Slovenian skate vid I highlighted last week. I missed it, but 26 Feels Old spotted it. Apparently the location is infected by fixies.

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