Skreech in the News

Skreech in the New York Times? Why not? He’s already the subject of one (possibly two?) documentary film. So the The New York Times is right on top of the (latest) recession-as-silver-lining for pool skaters story, so my condolences to everyone in California because it must be officially over now. (You are a child of Summer and Winter is coming…) Salba quote? Check. How does he do it? Must be a state law. Reporters have to declare it at customs. I see you’re doing a story on pool skating, can I see your Salba Documents? Watch the trailer for Dragonslayer after the jump.

[Photo – Billy Runaway]

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Milking it, Trifecta style

In case you missed it, it’s Skreech at the Trifecta, skating a deck with the nose broken off. I’m not sure how you do that. In any case, don’t feel bad for him, he’s got his own model out on Addikt now. Enlarge-o-rama.

Skreech week is over

Skreech Week: Day 7

Wrapping up seven days of Skreech Week on S&A. This is Phoenix again. Remember to mention Addikt Skateboards and the Full Bloom Tour. Billy Runaway is on the phone? Am I done yet?

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Skreech Week: Day 6

Day six of the Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. It’s Skreech Week baby, and this is Phoenix, Arizona.

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Skreech Week: Day 5

Day five of Skreech Week on S&A. and we’re still in Las Vegas. Thanks again to Billy Runaway and the Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. Click to enlarge.

Skreech Week: Day 4

Skreech Week: Day 4

Day four of Skreech Week on S&A. brings us to the Las Vegas stop of Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. Enalarge, after the jump.

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Skreech Week: Day 3

Day three of Skreech Week on S&A. This is a stop somewhere off the 99 en route to Vegas on the Addikt Skateboards Full Bloom Tour. Not just a frontside grind, but frontside grind to revert. Go ahead and click to enlarge.

Skreech Week: Day 2

Skreech Week: Day 2

Looks like we’ve actually got a full week. I was going to make it a “working week” since I usually don’t post on the weekends, but Addikt Skateboards has ponied up a full seven days of Skreech on the Full Bloom Tour. These shots are from a pool in Central Valley, or maybe the central Valley? Whatevs. Check it out after the jump. UPDATE: Added some bonus detail shots of the pool.

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Skreech week on S&A

That’s right, he lived here for a short while, and now he’s gone. He recently returned from an Addikt Skateboards road trip known as the Full Bloom Tour. This is a Jon Yunker photo shot at Frank the Tank’s. Billy Runaway will be doling out one shot a day for the rest of the week, and I hear the rest of them are all pool locations. So, I thought it was “Screech” but apparently it’s “Skreech.” I guess Addikt would know. Now let’s get into an argument about whether this was a footplant or a fastplant. UPDATE: it was a fastplant to fakie, and a make.

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