Blockhead and Acme

The Hundreds has two articles on independent brands of yesteryear (and today) Blockhead, and Acme. Both are good reads, although both could have been much longer. These have absolutely nothing to do with two collaborations by the Hundreds, reportedly sold out already.

Against the Grain: How Jim Gray and Acme Changed Skateboarding Forever

Garage Brand: The Blockhead Skateboards Story


Madrid Reissues

Madrid Skateboards has some new and some not-so new limited release reissues out. According to the distributing arm of Madrid,  these 40th anniversary edition decks will only be produced this year, yet the Explosion model and Beau Brown model have already been available for some time. Not mentioned in the release is their most infamous model, the X-Team Rider, which has also been available for a while. Although simple, I’ve always liked the explosion model, even before I knew it was Bernie Tostenson behind the squeegee and Rubylith. Some of these aren’t up on either website yet, so check them out after the jump.

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Two new old Brand X Decks

Brand X has added two new reissues, the X-Con 1 and the Vertical Hold. They’ve got an extended Black Friday sale going on right now. Details after the jump.

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Mini Murderers

A long time ago, but not that long ago, someone claimed the only reason they were re-releasing the Gator board with “Gator” on it instead of “Vision” (like they originally did the re-issues) because there was a mixup with the old films. A little while later they claimed that Mark “Gator” Anthony never owned the trademark to the “Gator” name so it was ok. So… someone sure is confused about those old films huh? A mini version of your favorite celebrity skater’s pro model. Just the thing to inspire your kids. Available at Select Distribution.

Bad updates of bad classics

Sure they are crappy, but they are so bad that they’re… still bad. Even more so now that they’ve seen an updated, craptacular re-imagining of the graphic. As if there there is a pent up, unrealized nostalgia for the worst boards any given skater has ever owned at any point in their skateboarding life. Blind’s Danny Way Nuke Baby was a brilliant, but these are just as bad, if not worse than the original, especially the most famous of all bad 80’s Nash boards, the Executioner. They did have some cool graphics in the 60’s. It’s ironic that they haven’t tried to cash in on those graphics, even more so because they apparently own the Hobie name. Way to massively miss any sort of reissue connection. Oh well, all the better for someone else. I can’t recall if there was ever a Nash “Blaster” model, but I included it anyway because it’s a confusing mix of 70’s imagery on an 80’s shape that came out some time in the… dammit! What the hell are we calling this decade? The tens? Crap. Nash makes skateboards again. I guess they finally recovered from the fire.

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