Milo Ventimiglia in Men’s Journal

This is the actor  Milo Ventimiglia appearing on the cover and inside the November, 2018 issue of Men’s Journal, with a skateboard. He looks pretty comfortable on that cut down waterski.

– Thanks to Tim Rafferty for the tip.

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Mom would never let me

So there’s a trend starting where ad agencies are using skateboards as props in living room shots. Garages, bedrooms and cars, sure but on the carpet next to the couch? This is a poster ad for SAP I spotted in the Atlanta airport, notice the skateboard next to the feet of what looks like a feral wolf-child lying on the carpeting. There’s another commercial for milk that I haven’t posted yet. It features Susan Sarandon tidying up a living room by removing the skateboard from next to the hearth.

Stumptown Coffee

This is a recent advert for Stumptown Coffee that appeared in the Portland Mercury. It’s not the first skateboard themed ad they’ve run. I chopped out some negative space in this to make it take up less vertical space here. My apologies to the artist Tim Root.

– Thanks to MC for the tip.

Bacon Signature knockout at

Sponsor Luv: Bacon – Signature Knockout

This month’s Sponsor Luv post for Bacon Skateboards – Bacon has teamed up with the skateboard site to give away a really freaking nice video camera, but you have to do some work. The Bacon team will name a trick and then you have to submit a video of yourself doing the trick, then everyone gets to vote on who makes it to the next round. Everyone that votes has a chance to win one of several decks though. Official details for the competition are here. Catch the first round challenge after the jump.

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