The Hamburglar

I’ve been tempted to buy these vintage Hamburglar patches for sale on eBay, the seller seems to have an abundant supply. They look like they’ve been directly embroidered on some bad denim, but they are in fact loose cut out shapes lying on top of said bad denim. On the left is some modern Hamburglar action on display in a McDonalds playland.

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This week in creepy toys

This week in pairings of creepy toy dolls with entirely unrelated fingerboards: Two big-eyed dolls with Star Wars fingerboards from McDonalds Happy Meals. It’s a confusing listing, but the Tonner and Kish dolls are just being used for display purposes to show off the toy skateboards.


Corporate Death Coffee

Ronald McDonald shredding a miniramp on this glass coffee mug from a McDonalds in the United Arab Emirates. I didn’t even know that they had McDonalds in the UAE. This is exactly the kind of thing I usually buy, though not when it costs $20.

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McDonalds Skateboard Club

Join the McDonalds skateboard club! The age of this shirt is unknown, but the style and fashion says 80’s to me. The seller claims this was sold in a Sears store, which seems highly unlikely, or at least unusual. I can’t ever remember seeing fast food branded clothing sold at a department store.

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Hey Boo Boo!

In 1991 McDonalds issued Happy Meal toys consisting of memvbers of the “Laf-Squad” riding motorized vehicles. The Laf Squad must have been the secret, paramilitary arm of the Laff-A-Lympics splinter group known as the Yogi Yahooeys. Of the four figures, only Boo Boo Bear had the privilege of riding the customary out of scale skateboard. Here he is, more stylish than your average bear. And yes, he is on actual pool coping.

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Awesome Skateboard Stacie

Barbie’s sister Stacie riding a skateboard in a McDonalds Happy Meal toy that dates back to 2000. Apparently “Awesome Skateboard Stacie” was a toy on it’s own before it became a downsized Happy Meal toy. I found a 1999 commercial for Awesome Skateboard Stacie, who had two friends that skated too.

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McDonalds stickers from 2000

McDonalds stickers from 2000. I see everyone has on the prerequisite bicycle helmets. You know, before I met Colin Sharp, I had never eaten in an American McDonalds for my entire life. I did eat at one in Warsaw, circa 1993.

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Put it on a plate son

Put it on a plate son, you’ll enjoy it more. Just don’t put it in the microwave or dishwasher. This is a McDonalds “collectible” plate from 2006. I shouldn’t put collectable in quotes because I collected it. Got to give the artist credit for the stylish tuck knee frontside air and the apparent kickflip (heelflip?) on vert, even if Ronald is about to fly off the edge of the vert ramp. Nice bicycle helmet on Ronald. He is a clown though…

Spongebob McRad

It’s Spongebob Squarepants on a skateboard, available as a Happy Meal toy. Thanks to Colin Sharp for bringing his whole family to McDonalds on a weekly basis and photographing this for me, becasue I wouldn’t be caught dead feeding this to my kids.

– With apologies to McRad.

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