Gonz, Stoned

Mark Gonzales is interviewed over on Rolling Stone. It’s technically an interview as he is asked some questions, and “answers” them in typical Gonz fashion. Among the hot topics, you can sort of learn his take on skateboarding in the Olympics. What’s he doing in Rolling Stone? I suspect it has something to do with Adidas reps reaching out. Check out a trailer for Away Days after the jump.

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Natas and Gonz Book

Check out this Ed Syder interview in Caught in the Crossfire about his self published book called Natas and Gonz. It’s not like those guys don’t get any respect, but this tribute to Natas and Gonz (and the Simpsons, apparently) is 52 pages of fun… at least I assume it is. I haven’t seen it yet, but it would be hard to imagine a book about these guys being anything less than fun. The first pressing sold out, but you can preorder the 2nd pressing for £10.00. Postage to the USA is £3.95… so that’s around $22 delivered. While you’re digging around his site, check out other items like the Skater’s Alphabet.

[Source: Caught in the Crossfire]


15 years of the Gonz on Adidas

Adidas Skateboarding is celebrating 15 years of having Mark Gonzales on the team with a video featuring photogs and videogs waxing nostalgic about him and the of course, a whole lot of skateboarding. As you should expect, it’s highly entertaining. Here’s to another 15 years of the Cult of Gonzales.

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Gonz and Snoop.

I mean, I think that’s Mark Gonzales, but you can’t really see him. Something to do with Adidas.

– Thanks to Egbert for the tip.

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Mike Leavitt

Among other things, Mike Leavitt makes action figure sculptures of artsy fartsy types, including a few skateboarders like Jason Lee and Neckface. When we last checked in on Leavitt, it was in regards to the Gonz. Joining Mr Gonzales today are Jason Lee and Neckface.

– Thanks to Boy Ipoh for tip.

[Disposable] Roots: the first Vision Mark Gonzales graphic by Andy Takakjian

This past November I ran into Marty Jimenez at the preview opening of the Skateboard: Evolution & Art in California exhibition in Santa Monica, CA. Now unfortunately for Marty, he knows that every single time I run into him I’m going to ask if he’s unearthed his board collection yet. It was, after all, one of the few I never managed to document despite badgering him to no end over the course of putting both Disposable books together. He has a reason—a very good one at that—for not letting me have a photographic crack at his archives, and even though I have no plans for any future books I’m still curious as to what he may have squirreled away during his time at the epicenter of Orange County skateboard production in the ’80s.

God help me but shit like this keeps me up late at night.

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Ryan is immature

I mean, seriously? A skateboard on your birthday cake at age 21. Did the numbers get reversed or something? Are you sure he’s not 12? Come on man, get a car. That’a a nice looking board actually. I’ve seen a quite a few crappy skateboard birthday cakes on the interwebs, but this one’s got class. Google barfed up this link from Elaine’s Expression. I’m jealous… of the cake and the fact that he’s turning 21. Skateboard cake cornucopia after the jump.

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Mark Gonzales in Hawaii at NSA contest

Vintage Gonz with a 12 foot ollie

This is contest video from one of the the last hurrahs of the N.S.A., the organization that would eventually end up as World Cup Skateboarding, believe it or not. Mark made this ollie gap twice, once in practice and once in the contest. It’s the branch of the y-shaped miniramp that Team Pain built for the the Honolulu, Hawaii contest in 1988. On the bottom left you can see a flash going off. That’s Grant Brittain. Don’t believe me? You can see the shot he took at that instant at The Skateboard Mag. Watch the video after the jump.

– Thanks to Tito for the tip.

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