2017 Vans Girls’ Combi Classic

Enjoy this Girls’ Combi Classic (aka as Vans Girls Pool Party) footage courtesy of Dan Bourque.

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Exposure Contest Video

Here’s a short video compilation of highlights from the 2016 Exposure contest.

Over a hundred girls competed in this year’s Exposure all girl contest. It’s amazing how stylish and confident girl skaters are looking today. Congratulations to all contestants and to contest director and founder Amelia Brodka, for a job well done.

Video by Dan Bourqui. That’s Lizzie Armanto in the vid grab.

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Lego Is Not a Four Letter Word

Lego Friends sets are supposed to appeal to girls. This is set number 41099, known as Heartlake Skate Park. Like all Lego Friends kits, this one has lots of pinks and purples in the packaging. The mini figures are more detailed and lifelike. I suppose Lego doesn’t think girls have a good imagination. “Mia” comes with roller skates, a skateboard, and thankfully, no inline skates. Check out that street obstacle! looks like they chose not to go with a skater owned design/build firm.

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Poppy Starr Facebook

2016 Vans Girls’ Combi Classic

That’s Poppy Starr, the winner of the 2016 Vans Girls’ Combi Classic. Watch Dan Bourqui’s video of the event after the jump.

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2015 Exposure Skate

Exposure is an all girl skate contest created and run by professional multi-tasker Amelia Brodka (pictured above). This year’s edition at Encinitas Community Skate Park included street skating and Tony Hawk’s portable halfpipe. Video by Dan Bourqui.

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Action Skateboard Teens

What started as a post about overpriced 80’s skateboard dolls (Action Skateboard Teen$50!) got weird during research when I found a video about girls (who can actually skate) who want you to know that’s it’s OK to wear high heels to the skatepark as long as you bring skate shoes to change into, and don’t be a hater or a perv, or something like that. It’s not really any different than an episode of GVK, albeit not as revolting to look at but twice as revolting to listen to.

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Street League to include Women’s Division

Street League will be including a Women’s division for the first time ever in Chicago on October 14th. First place prize is $30,000, which beats the mens X-Games purse. Competing in this first group a Lacey Baker Samaria Brevard, Leticia Bufoni, Marisa Dal Santo, Pamela Rose, Alexis Sablone, Alana Smith, and Vanessa Torres. The event will be streamed live online at StreetLeague.com with a condensed version airing on the 18th on FS1 as well as streaming FOXSportsGO. The regular inclusion of a women’s division in Street League should do well to promote both women’s professional and amateur skateboarding. Congratulations ladies!

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Playtex Sport Pads

This not the first time skateboards have been used to sell feminine protection. Recall Stayfree Maxi Pads in 1978. Playtex has a print ad and a TV commercial in rotation for their Sport Ultra Thin line of pads. Who is this woman (Update: She is Nikki Rose Quinlan.) and where was this shot? Catch the commercial and the advert after the break. Somewhere in this post there’s a joke about helmets and pad nannies, but I can’t find it.

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The History of Women in Skateboarding

Vancouver BC resident Natalie Porter is a self described Librarian by day and greasy motorbike wrench-monkey by night. She self-published a book titled The History of Women in Skateboarding, which is available in electronic format from Amazon. There are only 56 pages in the Kindle edition, which seems kind of short, but then again it only costs $6. If you have an iPad or Android there is a free Kindle app. I haven’t read it yet, but I imagine I will. At $6 I feel it’s my (pretend) journalist / historian’s duty. Anyone else? Betsy?

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