Gali shoes skate frog from Israel

At first glance you might assume this was a poorly illustrated millennium era skateboarding frog wearing sandals no less. It looks like there are hub caps, which could either be a half-assed reference material used for the illustration, or actual wheel covers which existed on some clay wheel era Nash boards and were also sold as separate accessories in the 70’s. (Ad link coming later). Then I looked at the (long expired) auction info for this poster and it was in the 1950-1979 subcategory of shoes, so there you have it. My guess is early 70’s. Gali was/is a chain of stores in Israel that also manufactures it’s own shoes. According to Hadassah Magazine, besides making skate sandals for frogs, they are also the sole (har, har) supplier of boots to the Israeli military.


Palestine’s First Skate Park

Funded and built by volunteers at SkatePal. The first one is in Zababdeh, and there are plans for two more. Get the details from

– Thanks to Orezona for the tip.

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Radical shelter from radicals

Sometimes no matter how grave or inappropriate the context may be, a skateboarder can’t help but see things through a certain lens. Israeli citizens seek shelter from Hamas rocket attacks. Let’s see you try and do that in a street plaza!

[Source: The Guardian] – Thanks to Jack Hadley for the tip.

…with a side of Hamas

Appearing in various social media outlets of the Israeli Defense Forces. From the looks of that kid’s skateboard, it’s either Hamas or a sinister network of vintage skateboard collectors trying to drive up Ebay auction prices.

– Thanks to Seth Levy for the tip.

Skate Parkour dog

The Evergreen Skateparks crew is cruising on a good looking project in Modiin, Israel that will be the country’s largest skatepark. While researching this post I got totally distracted by their unusual promo footage featuring a rad little dog. The promo footage was already pretty damned cool, and logo montage at the very end is the icing on the concrete cake. Some of those guys on the crew look familiar…

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Gripper Heat?

The magic of the Interwebs™ allows us to reach out to people all over the world and not be able to understand what they want.
I got an email with a flyer and text in a character set that I couldn’t read. It looks vaguely like Hebrew to me. There’s a skate art exhibit, but who know where or when? It did come with a web link to Thrash Addiction.

Insurance is for schmucks

“There are times when you need car insurance.” And then there are times when you need to get some new blood in your marketing department, Clal Insurance in Israel does.

– Thanks to Seth Levy for the tip.

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