Kinder Surprise Toy Egg

Which came first, the egg, or the toy inside the egg? Technically not an Easter-specific toy, but it’s an egg riding a skateboard. This is a hard plastic version representing the actual chocolate egg which would contain a toy inside it. So it’s a self-referencing toy. In case this makes zero sense to you, Kinder Surprises are chocolate eggs with a tiny plastic toy inside. I thought this was a generic term, but apparently it’s a trade name, like Kleenex or Xerox. I thought it was vintage, but it dates to 2014 according to the seller.

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Extreme Sports Valentines

These Extreme Sports Valentines brought to you by the Dollar Store and printing facilities somewhere in Indonesia feature the holy triumvirate of skateboarding, freestyle motocross and… rock climbing. It’s a pretty weak showing for Valentines Day, but don’t be dismayed because this year they’re still making those “You’re Cool” Snoopy chocolate-filled hearts.

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Season of Giving

A detail from Johnny Sampson’s print titled Christmastime: A Love Story.


Merry Christmas from China

A random sample of email I get form companies in China trying to sell me skateboards. I thought I had posted this before but it didn’t show up when I searched for Elephant. The “blog” section of Skate and Annoy has been running for about 10 years now… it’s hard to keep track of this stuff. Nothing says Christmas like an elephant jumping over the great wall of China on a plastic skateboard.


Alley Oop Holiday

This blown glass Christmas ornament was made in Poland for a company called Radko. I’m not sure when it was made, but it’s model number is 1014187, and a random sample of a 2015 model is 1017693. The seller says it was retired, but it doesn’t turn up under it’s official name of “Alley Oop Holiday” anywhere on the latest web site, including the retired ornaments. The original domain name was registered in 1996, and the last update (at this time) was 2013. I only mention this because the domain name on the hangtag appears to belong to someone else now. I’m sure nobody cares about this. Let it go… and look at the pictures of a tiny skateboarder riding a gigantic skateboard.

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Twas the night before Xtreme-mas

The only thing stirring were the elves in my hard drive that found this circa 2007 image of a World Industries Christmas stocking and skateboard. How did the 2007 Interwebs know that 2015 Skate and Annoy would use 500 pixel wide images on the front page? Truly a Christmas Miracle.


Black Friday Sale

50% off all posts on Skate and Annoy!


2015 Powell Christmas Ornaments

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, what are you doing reading this web site when you should be out there winning the battle against ISIS/Daesh through buying Christmas ornaments with skateboarding graphics on them? On Veterans Day you can say you fought with the Bones Brigade.


Happy Halloween

I really should have sent this Halloween card to you earlier. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.

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