Rocking Chair Pivot

Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible iteration of skateboard based furniture, along comes Mike Bolster’s rocking chair. A single skateboard truck seems like it would have way too much pivot action to be stable, but Mike uses a double truck setup that keeps the axles parallel at all times. I imagine this would increase the tension and keep you from wobbling around like one of those characters on a giant spring that you see at children’s playgrounds. Insert joke about using a non-turning truck brand for more stability…

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

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Sit on it Potsie (part 2)

A felt covered skateboard that double as the back for your office chair. Spend your coffee break taking a few runs through the cube farm. Pure silly. Pure fun. Mobilité is a collaboration between Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle.

[Source: DesignBoom] – Thanks to MC for the tip.

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DecksTop by Focused

Crazy expensive but beautifully designed and constructed by Focus in Rotterdam, these newly released tables come in two different sizes, and are constructed with the largest continuous surface area of recycled skateboard decks I’ve ever seen. The smaller one (200x90x77cm) aka DecksTop 33, is constructed with 33 skateboard decks while the larger (240x90x77cm) DecksTop 39 uses… well you know. They start at €2.726,45, but that includes the hefty 21% VAT tax. Man. that’s a lot of tax, but they probably have bitchin’ free health care and a decent education system. Someone’s is reaching their ID students well, that’s for sure.

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Deck Stool # 2

I’ve featured Deckstool way back in 2008, but they’ve added new designs since then, and it’s worth it because how often do you get to use “#2” and “Stool” in the same post title? I’m pretty sure this is not how they envisioned their publicity opportunity.

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Creative Miscellany

I understand the concept behind angled shelves. There’s no reason they absolutely have to be parallel to the ground to hold things. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a lot (or any) big empty walls and extra room to hold odds and ends. I’m hoarder and I need more efficient use of space for storage, so these type of arrangements never appeal to me, no matter how artfully done they might be. This looks forced to me, and yes, everyone’s a critic. See Taylor Hamilton for more.

[Source: Shelterness] – Thanks to Boy for the tip.

More skate furniture

I’ve seen loads of skate furniture before, some of it practical, some of it not, some elegant and some crude. This miniature picnic table is designed for little kids obviously, and it’s probably the one that is the least forced at of all of them. You can’t actually but the tables either, but you can buy some really nice looking plans on Etsy for $15, which looks ilk it might be more than the cost of raw materials! And as well designed illustration-wise as the plans are, the jig is pretty much up once you look at the pictures. My kids are still just small enough that they might get some use out of this, so I’m thinking about giving it a shot. Although I’m concerned about spillage factor with open cups on an uneven surface. Still, it looks cute. Err, I mean cool.

– Thanks to John Aguilar for the tip.

Sit down for number one

Skate Bench #1 on sale for $255(!) Which is $75 off! Originally part of a kickstarter campaign. Looks pretty cool, but the price is hard to swallow. Videos after the jump. Fancy pics at Kem Studio.

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Skateboarding is vanity

Bathroom vanity fixture made from a skateboard and what I assume has to be off-the-shelf electrical parts. This would be OK for a skatepark, skateshop, or kid’s bathroom I suppose, but it definitely falls under the category of something I might think was cool as an adolescent but wouldn’t want to have around me on a daily basis. I mean, I love skateboarding, but I don’t need to look at them while I’m evacuating waste from my body. Unless it’s a skate zine to pass the time while I’m otherwise engaged. $245 from ZAL Creations.

– Thanks to MC for the tip.

Hey you kids!

Listen you little brats, how many times do I have to yell at you? For the love of Pete, that skateboard ramp bed is not for jumping! It’s for laying there and thinking about skateboarding. I swear I’ll get out the belt if I hear you muttering about how a $1000 might have been better spent if you slept on the floor and took that money and built something you could actually skate on instead. I’ll give you an X-treme!™ paddling on your behind if I catch you reenacting certain scenes from the Search for Animal Chin. If Tommy Guerrero didn’t jump off a bridge than you shouldn’t either! How the “H” “E” double hockey sticks is that pronounced anyway? Is all that rock-rap rave music making you deaf? I told you it’s one and a half syllables, with a soft “b” instead of a two word concatenation like ramp-bed. What are you, a maroon? In my day we slept under the platforms of the Clown Ramp… Called ourselves Art and Steve Godoy and were happy about it.

– Thanks to Sarib Khalsa for the tip.

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