Tacocat: Hey Girl

Old school analog stop action animation and old school 90’s Riot Grrrl music going way back to… oh, 2014. Skateboarding! She’s no Maria McKee. ( Looks for crosslink on Skate and Annoy with Lone Justice video of Ways to be Wicked with Maria McKee on a skateboard, doesn’t find it, rectifies situation in this post. )

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Ikea Sunskirt

Because the world only needs so many canvases with the Audrey Hepburn, the Eiffel Tower or the New York City skyline, Ikea decided to bring in some new artists for the 2016 Ikea Art Event. On the right you can see Bara Prasilova’s photo. Sanskirt. After surveying the offerings, my 10 year old son declared he liked the underwear photo better, although the briefs and dress sent mixed messages, and he wasn’t sure if it was a boy or a girl. Closer inspection of the photo reveals an Arbor skateboard and a flipped negative. I like the photo too, but I’d like it more without the flipped negative and cropped wheels on the skateboard.

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A tale of two Grabkes

Two different Claus Grabke boards featured in unrelated fashion shoots. I’m still trying to track the source of the one on the left,  doubtfully commissioned by the gelato company. The one on the right has an Underwear Expert watermark, which is a good place to go get your dong on.



Presented without commentary:

In a quest to build a longboard based off the look of cars with big rims, we created the best riding and best built longboard; the DonkBoard™. Compare our DonkBoard™ to any other longboard at any Authorized Retailer and you will see the benefits immediately:

  • Improved & Faster Acceleration: Due to larger surface to grip area.
  • Nearly frictionless wheel and bearing outfit.
  • Less energy needed per push to cover the same distance than smaller wheels.
  • Better Board Control & Response: Yielding consistent handling.
  • No Wheel Bite (No Scrub, No Rub).
  • Enhanced Sportier, Upscale Look.
  • Unique 6 Inch (150mm) Aluminum, Deep Dish, Five Star, Wheel / Tire Combo: Essentially, Custom Rims for your Skateboard.

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Action Skateboard Teens

What started as a post about overpriced 80’s skateboard dolls (Action Skateboard Teen$50!) got weird during research when I found a video about girls (who can actually skate) who want you to know that’s it’s OK to wear high heels to the skatepark as long as you bring skate shoes to change into, and don’t be a hater or a perv, or something like that. It’s not really any different than an episode of GVK, albeit not as revolting to look at but twice as revolting to listen to.

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Milk, Milk, Lmnade

LMNADE is a design-driven lifestyle brand specializing in fashion and hard good products that focuses on vintage beach/boardwalk culture.

“Roll, Bounce, Skate.” – The Lmnade brand is aimed at young women who want to roller-skate, skateboard, and bounce? They actually have a couple of cool novelty boards and some cruisers, plus roller skirts. To promote the product they use lots of lifestyle girls doing everything with a skateboard that you could think of, as along as all you can think of is sitting on them and holding them, and not you know, actually skateboarding.

You know, I often think about trying to add female voice to the staff here at S&A, but seeing as how I keep posting stuff like this, I don’t know that anyone would want to.

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Marissa Tomei skateboard

Marissa Tomei on skateboard. Too bad we can’t see Marissa Tomei on a Marissa Tomei skateboard. This comes from Alltimers, although for the life of me I can’t find a web presence for them. Marissa appeared on the Conan O’Brien show, where his staff set the board up upside down so the trucks wouldn’t cover her face.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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Eli Reed skates the Playboy Mansion

Eli Reed dealing with the age old problem that every street skater encounters at least once a session: Random girls in bikinis laying in the middle of your run up.

[Source: High Snobiety]

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Gentlemans Doodle Pad

Artist David Jablow has a whole series of suggestive doodle pad illustrations brought to illogical conclusions. In fact, he’s got a book you can buy. The one you’re about to see is skateboard related, of course.

[Source: Aplus.com]

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