Boardup foldable skateboard

We’ve seen a variety of folding skateboards here, most of them DIY. BoardUp adds a new twist to that with a 2-way hinge mechanism that allows for a more uniform rectangular shape after folding. It looks heavy but the whole board is supposed to way less than 7 lbs. It’s smooth but there’s definitely some flex visible in the video. If transportations your bag, then this might be for you, although you’re probably not reading this web site. Kickstarter on the way…

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It’s full of Adjectives

$120 bucks will get you a Snap foldable skateboard that looks like a Tony Hawk Ride video game controller. It’s not the first time we’ve seen the concept, but maybe the first time it’s actually being somewhat mass produced.

It is just now on the market and really awesome!
It is alluring, revolutionary, unparalleled and a new idea!
It is foldable, invincible, affordable, cool and saves money!

So we know there is no way these guys are going out of business, so there’s absolutely no need to archive the pictures....... Video after the jump.

UPDATE: Added video showing folding action, etc…

– Thanks to John Aguilar for the tip.

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foldable skateboard concept

Ideas are easy

Ideas are easy, but it takes balls to actually build your dreams.. Add this NYC designer Jin-Seok Hwang concept to the soon to be long list (1, 2, 3, 4) of foldable skateboards. While he was at it, he redesigned the truck and added a rail system for changing your wheelbase.

[Source: NG BOARDS Bordistan]

foldable skateboard by Chris Jackson

Foldable skateboard art

Before you get your panties in a bunch, this is an art piece, and not something that is in production, unlike this, and let’s not forget about this or this. This one comes from UK artist Chris Jackson.

not bad meaning good

Two jokes, one bad idea

Both of these are a joke, but one is actually serious. From Instructables, the Jet Powered and Folding skateboards. Yes, that’s a drag chute. Yes, he put rollerblade wheels on his trucks.

Foldable skateboard on Instructables

In case the other company “folds”

Once again, if you can buy it, you can DIY it. user Jerbearisapimp9 (apparently there were eight other “jerbearisapimps”) has seven pages of instructions on how to make your own foldable skateboard. His method involves scavenging something called a BOA lace system from some snowboard boots (or golf shoes). The BOA system replaces shoelaces with a loop of stainless steel wire and a locking pulley in a plastic housing. Basically, you spin a dial to tighten your shoes. It’s incremented so you can theoretically achieve the same settings all the time if you don’t take into account the shoe stretching out. Jerbearisapimp9‘s foldable skateboard uses the BOA system leveraged against the trucks to to keep the board tips on tight. It’s a creative but not very elegant solution that seems like it would be very time consuming since there is threading involved every time you want to disassemble or reassemble the board. But hey, he did it himself, and so can you if you want to. Surprisingly, the ready made alternative Port-a-board is actually still in business though.

Jerbearisapimp9 makes excuses for his ghetto briefcase, but it adds a certain amount of sophistication to his setup. Everyone should show up at a session with a briefcase if they mean business. Check out the Foldable skateboard, BOA.

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