Burnside Fundraiser

Changing times ahead for Burnside with new construction within spitting distance. It will interesting to see if the locals can make it work with their new neighbors, who are undoubtedly going to be used to a less Burnsidey atmosphere. The property taxes are definitely going to give the owners some clout with city hall. In the meantime, Burnside needs lights, and they’ve got quite a ways to go to reach their target, so consider donating.


Saturday pour in L’ile Perrot

Skate and Annoy is your source for L’ile Perrot skatepark coverage, can there be a doubt? The sanctioned DIY skatepark in L’ile Perrot, Quebec has a new pour scheduled this Saturday, rain or shine. Say hi to Kevin if you go. I only wish Skate and Annoy could cover the DIY scene in every small Canadian town.

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Burnside Fund Matching Emergency!

Burnside is getting new neighbors who are reclaiming some of the territory in the north parking lot, but on the bright side, the developers have agreed to match donations up to $5000 for further park maintenance. The downside is that this post is horribly late, and the deadline for donations is on Halloween, which is tomorrow. Right now there is only a paltry $280 in the kitty. This is a golden opportunity to double your money and help fund Burnside.


I’m back…

I was out of town last week in an area with zero phone/internet access, and thus there were no posts. And now I’m back, and miracles of all miracles, I skated an honest to god vert ramp in Portland over the weekend. It’s 40 foot wide with 9.5 foot transitions and 1.5 feet of vert. Instead of kickass skate photos, I took a few of an uncooperative goat that calls this ramp home.

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The No Skate

Dave England performs a public service in this video by RossAngeles.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip

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Gift of mud, part 1

A Gift Of Mud: Episode 1, featuring Mark Scott, Tavita Scanlan, Dave Tobin, Jessica Starkweather and Mark Conahan. From Elias Parise

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If it ain’t a brake light, don’t…

You know, from earlier today… same joke. You might have missed this if you weren’t reading the comments of this post. Independent baseplate as motorcycle brake light fixture. Cool. As seen on Pipe Burn.

– Thanks to Charles for the tip.


Dirt’s Living Room

Here’s a sneak peak of an Elias Parise project documenting DIY action in the Pacific Northwest. From the tone of this clip it seems to be more conversational instead of heavy handed and dramatic, so you can set your docu-phobia aside. Think Fruit of the Vine instead of Dogtown and Z-Boys.

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SOTW 1-9-11: Brooklyn Street with Andy Anderson

This week’s Shot of the Week is Andy Anderson flying through Brooklyn Street Skate Spot in Portland, Oregon as shot by Micah Breshears. I usually fight the urge to crop and change the aspect ratio of a photograph, but in this case I prefer a different view. Andy Anderson? I once knew a guy whose dad was named Stan S. Stanley, and you know what the “s” stands for.

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