$9000 or best offer

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and have a truck as big as the hole in your wallet, why not pick ups this bowl / spine / mini ramp combo? It looks like it’s well built and would be fun to ride. Does anyone ever actually buy giant used ramps like this? The price might be reasonable, but the whole thing is just so impractical to move. If you buy this, I think I’m out of town the weekend you’re moving it, but I should be back in time to help you ride it.


Bootleg of the week: Freeformer Gator

Spotted on Craigslist, a Free Former board with Gator style graphics. According to Wikipedia, California Free Former went out of business in 1981, which means this is another Frankenstein graphic. I love how the owner put an actual Vision sticker on the top to try and throw everyone off the counterfeit scent.

– Thanks to Seth Levy for the tip.

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Kids don’t use anymore.

Bicycle Jump Ramp or Skateboard ramp. $100 OBO

Kids don’t use anymore. Surface is painted with a little bit of texture and in good shape.

12′ long x 4′ wide. One end is 5′ high the other end is 6′ high.

Delivery can be arranged if needed.

Cool. I’ve been wanting to build a half-pike for some time now. Craigslist gold from Bend, OR.

Craig’s list is for lovers…

Lovers of crazy skateboards and crazy people selling them. On the left hand side there’s a crazy lady in West Linn, Oregon who has a set of wheels she thinks is worth $200 in a skateshop, but she’ll sell them to you for $50. It’s a priceless listing. I’ve preserved it after the jump for when the listing dies. By the way, I didn’t crop that photo, that’s the way she posted it. Meanwhile, In the Bay Area we have some generic toy store board and an excellent specimen of one of the lessor varieties of Skatewing. I actually have one of these black plastic ones, but the stickers are all non-existent except for the safety warning on the tail. It’s not as fancy as some versions, but it’s still, uh, important in the evolution of the species.

– Thanks to Pete Lewis and Seedy for the tips.

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