Holiday Bones Handstand

Coincidentally, this is from the Hanes Big Boys’ Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt collection, but there’s obviously no relation to the seminal skate rock band. The sweatshirt shown here is called Holiday Bones, and is the only one with a skateboard in it. Looking at the bones in the hands, this looks like it might have been a fingerflip handstand attempt.

– Thanks to Mrs Kilwag for the tip.


This is how I roll

These Gymboree underpants fit like a glove that is several sizes too small, but my wife keeps buying them. What do you mean they aren’t for adults? Yes, this is a multiple picture post. Never question my commitment.

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Love it or Levis

Levis wants in on skateboarding. They’ve got a skateboarding collection, a collaboration with Thrasher, and a half baked campaign called Make Your Mark or possibly What’s your approach that features Natas Kaupas. I’ve got nothing against Levi’s. It’s a privately owned company that still makes (a small percentage) some clothing in the USA. Their sweatshop labor controversy is well behind them. They’ve used the Clash in commercials, why not Natas? OK, I do have a beef. If you’re going to post an “interview” with Natas, at least make sure it has a little substance. If you check out the accompanying video, it makes even less sense. I hear him talking, but it’s all chopped up, and in the end it’s like he’s not saying anything.

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