2017 Vans Pool Party Edit

Once again, courtesy of Dan Bourqui.

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$9000 or best offer

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and have a truck as big as the hole in your wallet, why not pick ups this bowl / spine / mini ramp combo? It looks like it’s well built and would be fun to ride. Does anyone ever actually buy giant used ramps like this? The price might be reasonable, but the whole thing is just so impractical to move. If you buy this, I think I’m out of town the weekend you’re moving it, but I should be back in time to help you ride it.


Fake Nash

This graphic is clearly stolen from the Sims Eric Nash Bandito deck from 1987. I always liked the big Deathbox teapot as a kid, but I thought it was more like an Aladdin lamp and missed the whole point. Anyway, I bet the guy here spent more cash on the stickers than the whole complete was worth, I did the same when I decorated my California Pro with 2 Vision stickers and a totally useless, too small Rip Grip on the nose.

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Weak Meek Week

Two Keith Meek Slasher graphic ripoffs in one week. I just couldn’t resist the title, sorry. I don’t think this is is officially licensed by Warner Brothers, as I couldn’t find it anywhere except on Ebay.

– Thanks to BPA for the tip.


Willits / Adams Bowl Pour

Adam needs your help…

Willits Bowl, A.K.A. Adam’s Bowl is a super sick DIY in Northern CA. The deck around the bowl is only half finished… The forms are set for the second section of deck, which will include a corner hip off the big quarter pipe and a Derby style berm. Now we just need a little help to pay for the mud. Many have come to shred, Few have donated to the cause. Let’s get it poured!!!

Anybody who donates is of course welcome to come out. If you don’t know where it is, I guess you’ll have to be content with watching it in videos.

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Hosoi knock off

This is a bootleg of the 1986 Air Rocket deck by Santa Cruz/Hosoi. (This time) the bootlegger changed quite a few things in the design like the haircut, logo and even the shape of the Hammerhead board in the drawing.  Sold on eBay for a ridiculously high $80.

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Schermafbeelding 2014-05-28 om 17.27.47

For leisure use only

Fake Valterra (and Variflex) decks  with graphics like the ‘Ramp Champ’, ‘Skate Zombie’ and this 1986 ‘Land Shark’ show up all the time and are hardly worth mentioning, since the graphics are mostly identical to the original ones and look like they were produced by the same manufacturers.  This ‘Land Shark’ is a bit different: it has the worst shape ever and it comes with the original box! It’s a miracle the seller kept the box for all this time, maybe he used it to hide this piece of crap while he was not skating. For sale on eBay.

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Schermafbeelding 2014-05-11 om 20.05.21

Skull & Sward? [sic]

I had a Turbo II deck in the 80’s and it said ‘Aloha Hawaii’, but this one has a graphic that looks like an advert for a skate shop from back then with brands and names like: McGill, Caballero, Skull/Sword (spelled ‘sward”), Staab, Roskopp, Tator which probably means Gator, Gonzales, Thrasher, Powell Peralta, Alva and even bands like Misfits, Die Kreuzen, Agent Orange and JFA. Anyone remembers these shirts that had brands like Armani, Iceberg, Burbery, Gucci, all printed on one shirt during the 80’s? The deck is for sale on eBay, more pics after the jump.

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Maniac mania

Pacer was a brand from the UK that produced some decent boards during the late 70s and early 80s. Towards the end of the 80s they started to make rather crappy completes (pics after the jump). Still, the decks in the picture above (both from eBay) are definitely bootlegs from the original 1988 ‘Maniac’ deck, designed by Doug Cameron. The left one has the typical flat pig-like shape that most of the very cheap decks have and still have, but the funny thing about this one is that the front picture was stolen from a 1987 Valterra team deck called … ‘Ramp Champ’. The complete on the right seems to be a Rusher Sports, which surprises me, since Rusher Sports was a well-known company that had their own designs and the shape was different than this one, if I remember well. I have never seen a Rusher Sports that copied from the big brands, so maybe it’s a Rusher Sports/Pacer bootleg.

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