She’s mighty mighty…

…just lettin’ it all hang out. She’s a brick, house. Installation by Alex Chinneck. Too bad it’s fenced in. Maybe someone will get a session in before it get’s torn down in about a year.

[Sources: This is colossal, Design Boom] – Thanks to Boy for the tip.

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Addicted to Retail

One more in our series of indoor commercial architecture waiting to be barged. This one from Addicted to Retail shows the Ayres store by Dieguez Fridman in Buenos Aires. Free t-shirt skateboard (deck) to the first photo (or video) of this place being skated. That’s legal in Argentina, right? No Photoshopping please. My apologies if you sent me this tip, It’s lost in my email.


MoMA Party Wall

You’re looking at pictures of Caroline O’Donnell’s installation Party Wall, in the courtyard of MoMA PS1. It’s made with the leftover materials from skateboard blanks, after the shapes have been cut out. Rumor has it that she had to arm wrestle assorted jewelry makers and the Guild of Recycled Skateboard Material Crafters for access to the raw materials. Too bad it’s only a temporary installation, it looks like something I’d like to have in my town. I believe this is the first time we’ve seen the form factor of leftover skateboard materials used recognizable in the finished piece.

[Source: Architectural Record] – Thanks to Thomas Roszkowski for the tip.


Running a marathon on a treadmill

Running a marathon on a treadmill is in reference to skating in a skatepark that mimics real world spots. 99% Invisible is Roman Mars’ radio show about design, distributed on Public Radio. Episode 71, In and Out of LOVE features the familiar theme of skateboarders reinterpreting their environment for their own needs. It’s made with the help of skaters for the non-skating public, but just as your attention starts to wander they get down to focusing on Love Park. You know the story, but listening to a well produced audio version makes it fresh again. A big part of it is the random asides, including audio of the original architect, Edmund Bacon. Definitely worth checking out. You can watch video footage of Edmund’s act of civil disobedience after the jump, but do yourself a favor and listen to In and Out of LOVE first.

[Photos: Mike Blabac] MC is artsy
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Japan to Brazil

A couple more skateable architecture examples in Japan and Brasil. – Thanks to Rolf and MC for the tips.


Skateboard Stairs: Take 3

Another skateboard stairs concept reaches reality. Though featured on Recyclart, those are clearly all new skateboards, and kind of crappy modern Kryptonics if I’m not mistaken. The metal supports are a custom fabrication.

See skateboard stairs: Part 1Part 2

Addendum: I was looking at the Kryptonics web site, and they have a little page bragging about being around the original Burnside skatepark! There are some weird illustration/caption combos in their timeline.

Stop Stair-ing

Another set of stairs made from skateboards. This set might actually predate the other set judging by the post date on the original source (which is not responding as I write this.) The steps are located in the Roarockit facility, and made from a custom mold so they are flat on one side.
[Source: Treehugger.] – Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.


Somebody’s house in the Netherlands has skateboards for stairs, as seen on Nice to look at, probably annoying to walk on. Again, I applaud the gumption of anyone who executes and idea so well, but then sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip


I think it’s German for “rad street plaza.” Probably not. I swear I had this on S&A already but cant’s find it via search, and it’s not tagged so my apologies if this is a repeat. Free t-shirt to whoever finds it elsewhere on this site. There you go, a contest. Innsbruck, Austria is the location, the former site of some Nazi era government buildings and French occupiers (after the war) who erected some sort of monument to Austrian freedom. If that sounds awkward, it’s more than likely because I gleaned it from a less than smooth machine translation of a German language article in Die Presse. One thing that didn’t need much translation:

And the Liberation Monument? It did not take much longer than the lattice doors open and slide the waves gently on his concrete steps to make it to the foreign body as an integral part of public space. At night it is, as the parade ground in front of the cottage, dimly lit. As part of the space to city residents, especially the younger ones, who have discovered a skater’s paradise. Are conflicts among users, it hardly because all feel that something was given to them that they must share: a precision-designed urban spaces outside commercial interests, without a doubt the nicest place in town.

Nicest place in town! Architects are LAAC in cahoots with a bunch of other people. You can read about it on Landzine. Photos by Günter Richard Wett.

– Thanks to Josh Fisher for the tip.

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