Pig Out

Piccolino the pig rides a skateboard at the Berlin Pet Fair, way back in 2008.

[Photo: TelegraphSource]


Two trick pony/dog

No, you haven’t seen the last skateboarding dog post yet. This dog, who might be named Dash, does old school kickflips (well, after a fashion, but it’s still a kind of a kickflip without the ollie) and some sort of reverse Bertlemann slide. He’s an innovator, just like Tony Hawk.

– Thanks to Greg Baller for the tip.

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Of mice and men

The Daily Mail has pictures of mice riding fingerboards. Apparently there’s a guy out there teaching mice to skate and surf… although it could more accurately be described as teaching them how to hold onto miniature skateboards and surfboards. Still, it’s amusing to watch, although not as much as Rastamouse. There are some additional photos at Global News.

– Thanks to Drew Moody for the tip.

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Extreme Jumpy

Remember those heady days of the skateboarding dog craze? In case you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s a dog named Jumpy in an aptly tilted video called “Bad ass dog 2.” This dog rides a mean skateboard and swims underwater, does to pawed slalom, rides a scooter, and jumps of course. Don’t let your dog see this, it will make your pets feel inadequate.

[Source: Stuff I Stole from the Internet]

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Denver the Last Dinosaur

Denver the Last Dinosaur is possibly one of the best bad cartoon relics out there. Basically, a dinosaur egg hatches, and hangs out with kids skateboarding, riding BMX and sort of communicating in a more subdued Scooby Doo style. The animation is horrible, I swear it approaches 5 frames a second. The voiceover is what makes this cartoon enjoyable/eardrum piercing. The character actors are awful. It’s like listening to somebody do a really bad impersonation Jeff Spicoli, for 20 minutes… The series started in 1988 and ran for two years, so that was right at the tail end of the California craze. There’s an episode called Venice Beach Blast where part of the gang gets hassled for skating on the bike path. The authority figure (Is he a cop or a security guard? He looks like a Forest Ranger.) explains that the community got the signatures together to get skating banned and the bike path built. Now you think this would would turn into a civics lesson that ends with a skateboard park being built, but it doesn’t. The skaters in the crew turn against their biking brothers and go renegade. There’s a lot of whining (almost life real life), radical moves and slams. The whole thing wraps up in about 30 seconds with an explanation of some action that happened off camera. Basically, the city lets the kids skate in part of an unused parking lot, and everyone is happy. It’s massively weak, but the script and character actors make it entertaining, like a train wreck. Video, promotional stills and sarcasm after the jump.

– Thanks to Seth Levy for the tip.

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turtle on a skateboard

Slowly Shredding

A turtle on a fingerboard, as seen on making the rounds on Facebook. A Tumblr post from thetoxicgraveyard was as far as it could be traced.

– Thanks to Jason Duncan for the tip.

SOTW 10-22-12: Dorothy

This week’s Shot of the Week is Joscelyn’s dog Dorothy. Photo by Ted Schwallie AKA offtheschwall on Instagram.

The Deer Hunter

Best crash vid ever. It’s hard to tell from this still frame, but that’s Ryan Vitale’s downhill run ending abruptly courtesy of the local wildlife during the third annual Buffalo Bill Downhill in Golden, Colorado with no major injuries to either party.

[Source: Grind TV] – Thanks to Sarib for the tip.

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Buddy the RC Skate Dog

One thing you’ll notice about Buddy The Skate Dog is that he’s house trained. So house trained in fact, that he’s not leaving the box, because he costs about $50. After this little photo shoot he went back to the kennel.

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