Khunamokwst skate spot is a lot of fun. It’s small, and tricky to navigate when overrun with kids, but everyone seems to love it. There’s a problem with the sprinkler overspray, but when have landscapers and skateparks ever worked well together? Some kids can’t seem to walk the extra 40 feet to the nearest garbage can, which is unfortunate. Then there’s the somewhat arbitrary placement of skate stoppers on the outside of the park. I get it. They’re trying to protect pedestrians from errant skateboarders on the outside ledge. It’s still amusing though. You can session the hell out of this one specific section of the continuous outside ledge, but not the largest stretch of it. Even though it’s the same ledge… on a skatepark.

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Khunamokwst Skate Spot is Open

The skate spot in Khunamokwst (pronounced KAHN-ah-mockst) park is officially open, although the ceremonial grand opening is May 16th. This little neighborhood gem was built by Evergreen Skateparks and funded through grants independent of Portland’s network skatepark system, which seems to be completely dead at this point in Portland’s fiscal history. Khunamokwst is located in the Cully Neighborhood of NE Portland, at NE 52nd and Alberta. It’s a small, low spot geared towards beginning to intermediate skill sets and anyone else who wants to have some fun.


Skatepark machines

You’re looking a the concrete equivalent of a Play-doh fun factory. One of them generates a continuous curb and the other, a ditch. I wish I had more information on these photos posted by Architecture and Design magazine. Unfortunately, they were found on their Facebook timeline, and they provide no context or source links. I was very surprised because I assumed Architecture and Design Magazine was an actual print publication, and they should know better. Turns out it’s entirely web based. The “About Us” page has some unintentionally funny copy: “The Architecture & Design story began in Afghanistan ( a country in Asia ) back in 2013…” Yes, 2013, a time when few people have heard of the rarely talked about country of Afghanistan. In any case, these machines are not designed for building skateparks, but the concept is interesting. Ole John Henry could take these machines, each one still requires a crew of guys to operate.

– Via Wrex Cook on Facebook

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Hubbard Homestead Skatespot in Seattle

Steve Ping from shot some photos of the newly completed Hubbard Homestead Skate Spot located at 11203 5th Ave NE in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle. It’s still behind fences and the official grand opening is allegedly December 5th. It looks like Newline is credited wight the design concepts. There’s a firm in charge of the larger park complex, but I’m not sure who built the skate spot, as Washington law somehow prohibits a design and build situation. Bobcat says this spot has been in the works for 5 years. Hubbard Skate Spot backs up against a Target store, so if you forget your pads, helmet, or skateboard, you can run right in and buy it.

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Skate Khunamokwst

You’re looking at a new Evergreen Skateparks skate spot that is included the brand new Khunamokwst Park being built in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland. What is a Khunamokwst? It’s a Chniook wawa word that means “together.” It’s actually the first park in Portland’s system that has an indigenous name, and has a fairly routine pronunciation. The larger park is scheduled to open in Spring of 2015, and although the skate spot should be completed much sooner, it seems unlikely that the fences will come down to allow skating before the whole park is finished.

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Bridge to Bridge - Dreamland

Bridge to Bridge

Elias Parise has released the full length version of the Dreamland Skateparks promo titled Bridge to Bridge.

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Evergreen Spot

A new spot by Evergreen Skateparks will be going into NE Portland this summer at NE 52nd & Alberta. This small spot (under 3000 square feet) is not part of the 19 approved parks in the now almost fatally stalled Portland Parks skatepark program. This one was instigated and funded by the the Cully neighborhood association. Coincidentally, Grover lives in the Cully neighborhood. I think he was lobbying for a vert ramp.


BSSS Postmortem

Check out the definitive postmortem on Brooklyn Street Skate Spot over at Curb Cut magazine. And that’s the last you see of BSSS here on Skate and Annoy, until the next time I post something about it.


The “O” is for re-OPEN

Big O is officially “open” for skateboarding again, after a two year absence. What was going on for two years? A new soccer stadium was being built, and the spot was supposed to be demoed with the old stadium. The community saved it by raising the money to have it physically dug up and relocated. It sounds absurd, but it’s true. Check it out on Exposé.

– Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

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