SOTW 12-2-13: Downhill to Vietnam

Although it may look like Kentucky, Ken Henning, took these pictures at the zoo (Tiergarten) in Nuremberg, Germany in 1968. Pictured are American GIs from California enjoying a downhill session. Ken says this was the first time he ever saw anyone on a skateboard. The guys in these photos eventually shipped out to Vietnam, and Ken doesn’t know what became of them. Additional photo after the jump.

– Thanks to David Brosch for the photos.

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SOTW 3-25-13: Seattle Vert

This weeks Shot of the Week is near and dear to old GVK’s heart. It’s Payton Moriarity wearing the vert mantle and forging ahead for the youth of skateboarding. It brought a tear to Steve’s eye, mostly because he realized he’ll never be that good. Full frame after the jump, bonus shots at Cold War Skateboards. Photos by Marshall “Stack” Reid.

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SOTW 3-14-13: Optical Illusion

This week’s Shot of the Week is from John Aguilar. Not much to say about it but, you know, just look at it. Cool.


SOTW 1-7-13: Wooden Wave

John Egertson enjoyed these photos, and it led him to send in this week’s Shot of the Week.

I loved that post about the ramp out in the desert made of old signs and poached lumber. Got me thinking of two great ramps we road back in the day… The “wooden wave” was a sketchy, shaky thing built on a public sidewalk by the Duke Street / Telegraph Road overpass in Alexandria, VA. It was built entirely from scraps of lumber found here and there by my friend Dave Alexander. The photo attached is Dave, probably around 1980, taken from up on the overpass. You can see the ramp is not a classic beauty, but it was way fun. The top piece of ply was over vert. It lasted a week or two before someone torched it.

Wooden Wave really was ridiculous. It truly was 16 feet tall as painted on there, and over vertical. You can see that Dave painted on some faux tiles and then after that decided to stick another piece of ply up there to make it taller. Despite the photo, Dave Alexander, his brother Mike and myself all got close to the top of that ramp, at least half way up the last piece of plywood. The sidewalk leading to it was fairly steep so we were really flying when we hit it, and the whole thing would just shake. Funny that rather than some public works crew from the City removing it, some delinquents just set it on fire one night… Every good skate spot meets its demise, the best ones usually go the quickest.

Bonus ramp after the jump.

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SOTW 11-12-12: Rex Pearson

This week’s Shot of the Week is Rex Pearson in Hood River, Photo by Micah Breshears.

SOTW 10-22-12: Dorothy

This week’s Shot of the Week is Joscelyn’s dog Dorothy. Photo by Ted Schwallie AKA offtheschwall on Instagram.

SOTW 10-7-12: Robert Parish

This week’s Shot of the Week is a Robert Parish photo by Spencer Morgan. Apparently this guy is an ollie monster.

SOTW 7-16-12: Kevin Solomon

This week’s Shot of the Week is from Elias Parise. It features Kevin Solomon at a Portland DIY spot. Take a moment to gather your complaints about the fact that I’ve posted it here. Take your time though, really gather your bile. Thanks Elias. I am enjoying the summer. My only complaint is that seems to be going too fast.

SOTW 7-9-12: Josh Dorsey

This weeks Shot of the Week is another one from Micah Breshears, this time it’s Josh Dorsey at the Albany, Oregon skatepark.

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