PermaStik Safety Flex

Kevin found this in the wilderness of Canada’s home improvement centers. It looks like ancient stock unearthed in a garage sale, but it’s actually a product you can still buy in a few different sizes. I contacted the one company I thought manufactured this (Perma Products) for bigger photos but they claim it’s a coincidence of names. Strange considering both PermaStik products are available in Australia and New Zealand. Nice nose bone on that death trap.

– Thanks to Kevin Live for the pic.

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The Seylynn Story

This 2012 George Faulkner production is less a true documentary and more a collection of random Seylynn footage through the years, heavily weighted towards the 80’s, but inclusive of the 70’s and 90’s. Also includes some interviews with the park’s designer, rare photos during construction, and shot of the time the riverbank eroded and the whole thing almost slid into the water, and what appears to be an original soundtrack.

– Via Tim Kerr on FB

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Dire Skates in Montreal

Red Bull has an interesting documentary on the Montreal, Quebec skate scene with the ulterior motive of furthering the case of getting good public skateparks built. Dire Skate is a 22 minute film made by Dan Mathieu of Exposé skateboard magazine. It delves into some history of the scene, including Big O, an atrocious city-funded skatepark built by a generic construction company, as well as efforts to legalize a famous Love Park style spot. Definitely worth watching.

– Thanks to Kevin -Live for the tip.

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Empire Games Wall of Death

Once again time to put some of the actual “skate” in Skate and Annoy. The Empire Games are back at it again with Wall of Death, this time going for height instead of length. Phil Dulude had the high water mark at 15ft.

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Smart Milk

Lactantia smart milk from Canada. Is that a missing skateboarder? Lactantia sounds like the name of a villainess in a Russ Meyer film.

– Thanks to Kevin Live (Yes, I’m cleaning out my inbox)

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Pouring in L’isle

An update from Kevin Live on the pour at the DIY park in L’ile Perrot. Looks like the kids (and adults) had a fun and productive session.

So I went big this year and blew my budget a bit for crete, I dipped into the cash for the contest this year, more crete means less prizes for the kids. So I let the word out and Vans gave me 5 pairs of shoes to raffle away for kids showing up and helping and some $ for the contest. I also emailed OG Tommy Guerrero at dlxsf and passed the message onto Damon Thornley. They were stoked on my diy and sent me a package to give away at the contest at the end of May.They filled the gaps for prizes. So really big thanks to Industry for backing up the scene. This day came together so good, no rain great weather, and a ton of kids just so stoked on building a park. One kid told me that I’m like a father to them, Respect. Just want to thank every body that helped and came to help make a really sick ass park that would stand ground in Portland Oregon or somewhere about. ndip now ndiYp
– Kevin

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Saturday pour in L’ile Perrot

Skate and Annoy is your source for L’ile Perrot skatepark coverage, can there be a doubt? The sanctioned DIY skatepark in L’ile Perrot, Quebec has a new pour scheduled this Saturday, rain or shine. Say hi to Kevin if you go. I only wish Skate and Annoy could cover the DIY scene in every small Canadian town.

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Looking good!

Greg Baller of Burly Caps fame attacking the hip with the (essential, I’m sure) help of an good looking Skate and Annoy shirt. Let the parade of comments begin for those of you that I still owe one of these to.

[Photo: Devin McLean]


Cheerios Skateboard Gang + Bonus Trix

This Canadian box of Cheerios has been for sale by Masteraddams for a very long time now, unless he’s got a stock of them somewhere. In your box of Canadian Cheerios you could get one of six possible trading cards/sticker with illustrations of the Skateboard Gang characters from the mid 80’s toy series. The Skateboard Gang figures were attached to pull-back and go skateboards. They’re surprisingly expensive to acquire these days, routinely going for $15-$20, so collecting the whole set would be a hefty purchase.

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