Fake Lucero

I forgot where I found this one, but it is clearly a copy of the Lucero X1 deck from 1986. I can’t read the word right under the front truck, but the original deck says ‘Schmitt Stix’.


Bootleg mania

I found a seller on eBay with a lot of well-done bootlegs for sale. They are all from the same brand ‘Choke’ and the quality of the graphics is pretty good. From left to right we have a fake Santa Cruz Jason Jessee,  S.M.A. Mike Conroy, Vision ‘Street Ghost’, S.M.A. Eric Tuma and a World Industries Jesse Martinez. I contacted the seller and he seemed to be a very friendly reader of S&A and a collector of bootleg decks! So here goes his story on Choke according to Omar:

‘Choke was a brand of skateboards sold in a department store in Spain called ” EL CORTE INGLES. ”  They were sold between 1986 and 1991 approximately . There were 3 different prices and 3 different qualities . They came complete with trucks and wheels,  bad axles and plastic wheels in cheaper models, and bootleg trucks of the Gullwing Super Pro and PU wheels (with a lot of sizes and designs) in the “best” models. Over the years I discovered that most of his designs table were copies of brands such as Vision , SMA, World Industries …’

Check out more details of the graphics after the jump. Some of the boards are still for sale on eBay.

Thanks a lot to Omar for the pics and story!

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Bootleg Staab

Tanner Palm sent in a couple pics of a “Smia” Bootleg of the Kevin Staab Pirate deck. It’s the same board seen in this post, but the pictures are high resolution and the top is visible as well.

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Real or phony Alva?

This cheap looking Alva complete sold for $118 on eBay a while ago. The sticker on the tail says it’s ‘made in Taiwan’. Sean Cliver thinks some company had a short-lived licensing deal with Alva to produce cheap completes, since there are only a few examples of these Taiwanese decks. Anyway, I did some research: details of this deck and more examples of Alva completes after the jump.

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Fake ghosts

I’ve never heard of Skika skateboards, but someone at Skika definitely knew the Vision ‘Guardian’ deck from 1984-85, designed by John Grigley. If you look very closely you can even read ‘old ghost’ on the head of the skull and there is something written on his chin too (probably ‘guardian’ like the original deck), but the pics are of very poor quality and the seller won’t send me better ones, so I have no more info on this one. You can see some amazing colorways of the original deck on disposabletheblog. I found this knock-off on leboncoin.

collagers street

Santa Cruz Ramp/Street bootleg?

You might question if the ‘Zoner’ complete deck on the right is really a copy of the Santa Cruz ‘Optical Illusion’ deck from 1985. Anyway, the Zoner seems to use the same pink and blue and looks from the same period according to the pig shape and wheelwells. I found this deck on ebay a while ago, the deck on the left appeared in eBay watch from February 2012. Details of the ‘Zoner’ after the jump.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-05-29 om 16.42.08

Rob Roscopy

I really hesitated a second to buy this ‘Roskopp’, since I will probably never be able to afford a NOS one and this complete looks not bad at all. Of course there are some differences with the original Santa Cruz deck from 1988 by Jim Phillips: the graphic isn’t all over the board, the shape is different and the Santa Cruz logo is not there. Still, if you’d remove the plastics and trucks, this thing might confuse any collector and would look good on your wall. Some more pics after the jump! Found it on leboncoin.

– Thanks to Kamer Kermad for the pictures.

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Fake ghost

This is an almost identical copy of the Vision ‘Street ghost’ deck from 1986, originally designed by John Grigley. The only thing the bootlegger changed was ‘Vision’ into ‘RB SKEBO’, whatever that means.

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Phony Alva

The graphic on this Rolls Racer ‘Conqueror’ deck is clearly stolen from the Eddie Reategui ‘Warrior’ deck from 1988 by Alva. This bootleg even has wheel wells and comes in a vivid green, it sold on eBay a while back, but I forgot for how much.

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