Eastern Skateboard Supply’s new setup

Team Pain builds for Eastern

Team Pain Skateparks sent in some pictures of a magnificent looking new skate facility they recently finished for Eastern Skateboard Supply in Wilmington, NC.. Eastern is the largest skateboard distributor on the East coast and is owned and operated by former Walker pro Reggie Barnes. The bowl is probably one of the biggest on the East Coast. The first week the park opened it hosted a demo with the Plan B team along with a handful of other pros. I’m just looking at those pictures and I can smell the birch! More pictures and Reggie Barnes after the jump.

Reggie Barnes and Eastern Skateboard Supply

Reggie Barnes was a former freestyle pro for Walker skateboards. Outlook Skateboards has some good pictures (scroll down) of one of his old decks in their freestyle museum. If you absolutely need to ride an old Reggie Barnes model, your closest bet is Outlook’s Tommy Harward pro model which is supposed to be modeled after the Reggie’s old board. That’s not surprising considering Tommy’s first freestyle exposure and encouragement was from meeting Reggie Barnes at a school demo back in 1987. Reggie even gave Tommy his old board. I’m stunned and amazed that there are still pro model freestyle boards. I guess they are calling them flatland boards now, but they look very much like street popsicles with a slightly blunt nose and tail.

Reggie barnes - Walker Skateboard

Bruce Walker is a longtime figure in east coast skateboarding. He owned and ran Walker Skateboards and Ocean Avenue skateboard distribution, which Reggie actually just bought a year ago. There is a lengthy profile on Reggie written by Transworld Busniess’ Sean O’Brien titled Eastern Power. Yes, freestylers have taken over our industry, but Reggie skates bowls too, as you can see below.

Reggie Barnes profile in transworld

Eastern Skateboard Supply’s new skateboard facility built by Team Pain

And finally we get to the reason most of you probably clicked through. Here are some shots of the new facility sent to us courtesy of Team Pain Skateparks. You can click to enlarge them.

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern

Team Pain builds new indoor bowls and street for Eastern


  1. Holy s&#t. This place is for employees of ESS? Man, Reggie’s taking care of the troops, eh? That bowl is amazing. Lunch break must be a scene.

  2. danimal on June 14, 2007 - Reply


  3. Coulter on June 15, 2007 - Reply

    OMFG. I love birch. Good to see skater-owned companies that take care of their people. Look at just the square footage given to all that good shit. Nice one Reggie!

  4. Absolute work of art. Wow.

  5. That bowl looks a lot like Caz’s old ramp.

  6. what ever happened to that anyway… b2b being the last time i saw it

  7. but its private, all of us NC’rs drool over this and don’t get a chance to skate it!!!
    oh the humanity!! THE HUMANITY!!!!!

  8. WOW! Can I get a job there?

  9. Boy, things must have changed at Eastern. When I worked there you weren’t even allowed to skate in the warehouse at all. Reggie hired some new “management” whose focus was on the money. I think they got into Reggie’s ear and when it was all said and done, all of the emphasis was taken away from the skating part of the biz and the focus seemed to shift to making sure the numbers crunched at the end of the day. That is one of the reasons I ended up leaving Eastern. They were getting all this clout as being such a core distributor and the employees (all skaters) weren’t even allowed to bring their boards in the shop. It got pretty sad there for a while. I say all of that to really emphsis how good it is to see something of this magnitude going up at Eastern. Like I said, things must have changed and it is damn good to see. I hope they lifted the “no skating” ban so they can actually enjoy this shit.

  10. no skating ? why build that park ?

  11. That is a very nice park. I skated it once and everything was perfect. The birch is awesome and the lines you can throw down are gnarly. The bowl is massive and skates crazy nice. I’m still waiting for a job opportunity to come up so I can skate it again.

  12. hunter d on June 21, 2008 - Reply

    yeah mr’s comments strike close to the heart. its hard to draw that fine line b/w work and skating, when trying to actually make enough. how much is enough? you think that they built a giant grill at the keilbasa plant and those guys eat killer grilled kielbasa all day? or the bread factory theory, love the smell of bread? work there and it fades.
    Bottom line: There has ALWAYS been something to skate at eastern. The vert ramp, mini ramp,that curb,the new mini ramp, and then this thing. Yes it is closed on most days and sessions must be coordinated through management. and yes it was built by team pain.

  13. I bottled beer for about 8 months. Work sucked, but we lined up after work every night. I barely made it out of there.


  15. omg. is it employess only?=[

  16. And you reallllllly can’t skate there? lame.

  17. i skate there alot. it is pretty awesome, but i would say its the best park on the east coast. you can check out my youtube to see a vid of it. youtube.com/wilmingtonskate

  18. Wow, WTF is wrong with the coasts? “Private Skateparks?” I can understand having sessions where only the homies are there but why build something like that for limited use? What is this GOLF??? are we really that elitist now? I understand that you are a core distributor, What happened to giving back to the scene? Like any indoor park I would pay $10 to skate there for 2 hours easily. I’m not drooling over the park like these other people, I have skated better public parks, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. Private skateparks? do you guys have a few rent-a-cops as well?

  19. I zachary james gordon skated this skatepark and did better than the independent team last summer with the courage skate crew which i am sponcered by, so any of the pros on that team wants to beat me in a game of skate…. im willing to destroy you in a game of skate =]

    thank you

  20. bailgun on June 11, 2009 - Reply

    this just in… zachary james gordon is a robojock kook who can’t even spell “sponsored.”

  21. I am skating there tomorrow. I am stoked. will upload footage soon!

  22. Andre Walton on January 7, 2010 - Reply

    Reggie how you doing my friend? hope your doing well
    Andre Walton

  23. DAMN ! That place looks like fun. Even for a sissy like myself .

  24. Guys I own a shop. When ever I go down there to pick stuff up which has only been twice. I skate it. It’s an awesome park. I love it. It’s scary as hell though to skate it.

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