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Cooper Hawk

During the finale of Men in Blazers they aired a TV commercial for the Mini Cooper Countryman featuring Tony Hawk hauling his kids out to a waterpark in the middle of the desert. While trying to find the commercial online saw that he had ditched Jeep and signed some sort of extended agreement with Mini USA last year, appearing in several videos. And thanks to longtime contributor Matthijs, I also had some pictures of a weird MINI Skater, which is small skateboard with a built in strap binding produced by the Mini Cooper parent company some time around 2002. And just when you thought you couldn’t get enough MINI skateboard action, MINI released some augmented reality glasses that pair with your MINI to provide enhanced safety and visibility. I am not making this up! Whenever there’s a need to illustrate dangerous pedestrian (no driving) behavior, you can bet you’ll find a skateboard or two, and even a dog.

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Tony Hawk Foundation Auction

Jeepster – Tony Hauction.

The Tony Hawk Foundation is auctioning off a custom Jeep to raise money for… skateparks! this is for big spenders only. – Thanks to Sarib Singh Khalsa for the tip.

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Tony Hawk At Soggy Bottom

Hawk or Die

This clip of Tony Hawk skating in the desert somewhere is pretty amazing. I’m guessing (and pulling it out of my ass, really) that this is from the new Birdhouse video The Beginning maybe? As for the skating spectacle and cinematography, it’s great regardless of your personal feelings on Tony. And really, let’s talk about our feelings. Are you ashamed that you have personal feelings about Tony Hawk? Do you wear a hat made out of tin foil to keep him from discovering them via telepathy? I’m going to be really bummed out if I find out those dust storms are computer generated. Also of interest is Jeep product placement, which I’m sure he got paid for. Who knows, maybe it’s for an upcoming Jeep commercial. As for the web site it resides on, Shred or Die, don’t get Mark started on the name. As far as the site goes, it looks like another crossover action sports social networking attempt, and Hawk is all over that place. I’ll say one thing for them, they did a good job on the video controller compared to the rest of them, YouTube included. They have an instant replay feature and the holy grail for skate video internerds, the frame advance. No more monkeying around with the clumsy slider to get to that critical frame. Thanks to Nik for the tip.

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Commercial with a robot riding a Jeep Compass like a skateboard.

Car as Skateboard Part 5: Jeep Compass

This should really be part 1 I think. This is probably the first car as skateboard commercial I ever saw back in 2006, but I was unable to record it until now. This Jeep is so bad ass that it causes a ball of rolling jumk to follow until it spontaneously assembles into a robot and proceeds to ride the car like a skateboard. Automobile manufacturers are ever safety conscious, and so is the robot. He takes the time to rip a dome off the top of a nearby building to wear as a helmet. Quite frightening, actually. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about property damage suits everytime I drove my car. Watch the video and learn about the robot’s old schoool roots after the jump.
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Tony Hawk in Jeep - Sirius commercial

Are you Sirius? (or Jeep?)

Siriusly (har har) I can’t tell if this is a commercial for Jeep or Sirius Satellite Radio. The gist of it is if you buy some kind of Jeep they throw in the Sirius service for free. It’s a mildly amusing commercial. If anyone still needs it, it’s proof that skateboarding has been assimilated into popular culture. Watch the video and see it dissected after the jump. Read more

car as skateboard

Car as skateboard – Part… (I lost count)

My money is on fake because the acceleration up the “vert” wall seems too fast, it’s on MySpace, and the clip is so short. You’d think if you actually caught this on video you’d keep the record button pressed, maybe talk to the driver… The imperfect landing was a nice touch though. Prove me wrong.

– Thanks to Damienhialation for the tip.

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Trackmania car as skateboard

Car as Skateboard Part 6: TrackMania

Because I waste my time not skateboarding by writing about skateboarding instead of playing video games, I was unaware of this 2004(!) game called TrackMania that lets players create and race on their own Extreme™! tracks. Not all of them are skateboard inspired, but this one sure is. Watch the video after the jump.

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Dew Action Sports Tour vs. Dew Tour The Action Sports Pro Tour

Don’t Call It “The Dew Action Sports Tour” No More!

I just got an email from someone I’ve never met in this wonderful skateboard industry. Getting stuff like this is sorta funny to me because it really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll still go, because I have to scope out the next big name in skateboarding. Like for instance- young David Loy won this event last year in the SCAM THE AM tour- now the kid is featured in the Jeep commercial with the Birdman.

Well with this announcement they are challenging the best english teachers across the good ole USA by doing this:

“Please see the attached press release announcing the re-branding of the Dew Tour. Moving forward we will no longer be referred to as the “Dew Action Sports Tour. ” Our new name is the “ASPT Dew Tour, The Action Sports Pro Tour.”

Moving forward please refer to us as the “ASPT Dew Tour” or the “Dew Tour” and no longer use the “Dew Action Sports Tour” callout or logos when referencing the tour. Our site has also changed to www.asptdewtour.com .”

Well, you heard it here first. Big Whoop-eee!

Audi TT car as skateboard commercial

A Commercial a Day – Day 8: Audi TT (Car as Skateboard Part 3)

I get the whole deal with German engineering and all, but all I get from this commercial for the Audi TT is a sterile computer animation vibe. I barely noticed this when I saw it on TV. Catch the commercial and links to the other “Car as skateboard” posts after the jump.
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