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Skart board art

Call me old fashioned, but friend requests on FaceBook still kind of freak me out when I don’t have any idea who the person is. I always end up scoping out the person to make sure it’s skateboard related. I checked out Michel Skart Poulin and found some really cool cabinets he made by applying fancy veneers to a garden variety skateboards. More pictures at No Damn Good Skate outta Montreal. Congratulations, by the way. You can see some in person at Monde Ruelle gallery in Montreal.


Prefab DIY

Prefab and DIY are two things not commonly associated with each other, but it turns out they were a good fit in at lease one case. Confusion Magazine documented a renegade skate spot perpetrated by Skate DIY that required a quick install, with most of the work being done off site. Unfortunately, the spot came down almost as fast as the installation, lasting a mere 12 hours.

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Kevin Cann sent in some pics of homemade concrete coping he pours from a mould he made from a 2 part rubber mix of an existing block. He oils the mold up with a little motor oil before adding a high strength concrete, and then vibrates the mold to settle the mix and eliminate as many bubbles as possible. 12 hours later he pops it out and cures it in water for 5 days.

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Continuity and Big O

It’s been around since 1976, skated heavily since then, and it even has a book dedicated to it. When Big O was in danger of being destroyed an expanding soccer stadium, locals banded together to try and save it. So what happened? Probably the most unlikely outcome, they dug it out, picked it up and set it on a trolley to move it out of harm’s way. That’s got to be a pretty satisfactory resolution, right? Now consider the fact that the relocation has already cost $100,000 (American or Canadian?) and it isn’t even in it’s final resting place. Weigh that $100,000+ against what they could have built with that money instead. They probably could have built two identical Big O’s side by side to the exact same specifications. Still, I can imagine the locals being skeptical of any new “skatepark” built on the location of such a historic spot. Imagine the city of Portland suggesting “We need to tear down Burnside under the bridge, but we’ll build you another spot across the street.” Look at the photo of Big O unearthed. There are no rough edges visible from where the concrete meets the dirt and everything looks completely uniform in thickness, almost as if it was precast and put in place. Interesting. For a more local perspective, check out CTV Montreal. UPDATE: Much better photos over at VICE and an interview with the man behind plan to save Big O, Barry Walsh.

[Photo and source: ESPN] – Thanks to Tim Pain and Michel Poulin for the tips.

Freestyle New York

Too late for the opening, but the show is up through November 19th. S&A Readers might recognize one of the artists, Michel Skart Poulin.

Thursday, 15 September 2011, 06:00pm – 08:00pm

Organized by artist Rick Kreiger, this exhibit will explore the many diverse strands of skateboard culture featuring decorative ideas and ancillary art related to this popular, daredevil lifestyle. The show will include artwork produced specifically for skateboard decks, paintings, sculpture, photography and sticker art related to skateboarding. The intention of the show is to present the various ways the sport is depicted in these art forms, and the role art plays in this highly selfexpressive lifestyle.

Location : Hudson Guild Gallery / 441 W. 26th Street / NY 10001

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Childhood dreams come true

My first summer on a skateboard was spent on a yellow plastic banana board with red urethane wheels. Soon after figuring out how to roll down the driveway and make a turn onto the sidewalk, the second order of business was drawing obstacle courses and imaginary hazards with chalk on the driveway. In the late 70’s the idea of the skateboard pinball course was commercialized as the facilites known as Skate-Ball, which seemed like an idea that was kind of silly, though I’m sure fun, but it doesn’t live up to the full potential of the concept. Enter this crazy ramp funded by Moutain Dew in New Zealand. (?) It cost about 500k (New Zealand) and has computerized sensors and software to activate the lights and notes and somehow, the scoring. The whole thing was used for an invite only contest last Saturday but will be open to the public for three weeks afterwards. Massive waste of money? You bet, but If i lived anywhere near that I’d be in line to ride it. Videos after the jump. If you’re still in the mood for more skateboarding obstacle course action, check out this old 2008 post on the Japanese game show Unbeatable Banzuke.

– Thanks to Michel Skart Poulin for the tip.

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What else is left?

I thought Maple XO’s IPhone cases were the pinnacle in recycled skateboard chic, but I have to say these glass frames by brothers Baptiste and Gianni Vuerich are the new winners. I’d wear these if I could afford them. No idea how much they cost, but they have to be expensive. I found them while tracing down a tip from Michel Skart Poulin on a coat hanger these guys made. I kept trying to find a web site for these guys, and running across other items they made. The Vuerich’s are some talented mofo’s but they don’t seem to be able to hold down a web site.

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Alis Paint Board

Here’s a short but crazy video of a guy with two paint rollers fixed to his board instead of trucks. It comes from the folks at Alis in Denmark with no explanation whatsoever. Whoever this is, he doesn’t seem to have a problem ripping on a wackyboard.

– Thanks to Michel Skart Poulin for the tip.

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Skate Fails from Apparatu

Skate Fails are a collaboration between Alex Trochut & Xavier Mañosa that can be found over at Apparatu. The collection features decks that look like they are made out of spilled paint or decks that have somehow been melted and made pliable. How do they achieve this effect? They are ceramic. The trucks look real, but some of those wheels might be ceramic as well. Skateboard art is… a mixed bag in general. The skateboarding public in general seems to have lower expectations for what qualifies as “art.” It’s nice to see someone fully execute a concept. I like several of these pieces, in particular, I’d love to have that red one hanging up on my wall.

– Thanks to Michel Skart Poulin for the tip.

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