Lego Back to the Future Set 21103


This Back to the Future lego set started out as a Cuusoo Brick project. If you’re not familiar, it’s an online community of fan created Lego kits. If they get 10,000 likes in the community, they are considered for review and release by the Lego corporation. These Cuussoo winners typically come in a box that is a little bit nicer and reusable, and the directions are perfect bound instead of folded in half and stapled.

The set is actually called the DeLorean Time Machine. It’s got 401 pieces and is meant for ages 10+. In general, Lego age ratings seem to be rather low, maybe so you’ll think your kids are geniuses or something. Maybe my kids are geniuses… This was a fun, quick build with no real complications or confusing directions. Sometimes with a Lego instruction booklet it can be hard to tell if you’re supposed to be using black or dark gray brick. No such problems here.You can technically make one of three different version of the DeLorean, corresponding to the three different movies. The difference between the three is a few minor add ons, and a change in part color. I chose to make a combo of all three. One of the best things about the model is that the wheels actually do flip up for hover mode. The kit comes with some extra clear pieces to use for a faux invisible stand while in hover mode.


At $34 dollars (when I bought it) it came to about 9¢ a piece, which is cheaper than the usual 11-12¢ you usually see. All in all, it’s a satisfying set. The Flux Capacitor and “OUTTATIME” license plate are nice touches. My only beef with it is that it didn’t come with a overboard or repro graphics on the skateboard for the Micheal J Fox character. The skateboard is just the generic Lego skateboard. Bummer. That would have been the thing that made this a perfect 10.

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