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Yeah, the Internet! That’s how I found out about this company called Extinction. It’s basically a one man operation based out of Pennsylvania and run by a guy named Scott Foster. At the time of this review he was/is running a special on the two decks shown here, $30 each (includes shipping!) or two for $50! Yowza! Why? Cause it’s a small company and he needs to clear some stock so he can make some new models. Cheap is always a good deal, but what if the wood sucks? I sent our own Abe Lincoln impersonator Danimal to the task of checking it out. Stick around for a short interview with Scott about the company and Ken Sigafoos, etc. – K.ed.

Extinction Skateboards Ken Sigafoos 8.5 – Review by Danimal.

Dimensions 32.75″ x 8.5″
6 5/8″ Nose – 6 3/16″ Tail – 15″ Wheelbase
7 ply Canadian Maple. Made in the USA.

Extinction skateboards is a small company out of Pennsylvania. I’d never heard of them until kilwag flowed me this deck for review. This Ken Sigafoos model comes in several stain colors and the dimensions are 8.5 wide, 32.75 long with a wheelbase of 15″. This popsicle shape deck tapers towards the tail, with the end result being a tail that is actually about 8.25″ wide. Upon visual inspection the taper was the only negative feeling I had for this deck. I say “had” because once I got used to the little bit skinnier tail I didn’t even notice it anymore. Usually the boards I like to ride are a consistent 8.5″ wide since I’m such a mature skater. The Sigafoos deck is pretty well constructed, it has loads of pop and is nice and stiff. The finish on this board is buttery smooth, I’ve never seen a board with such a smooth finish, its so glassy I could almost see my reflection in it. The smooth finish made for great sliding, I had a hard time keeping the board under my feet on boardslides at first because it slid so effortlessly. The concave on this board is great, it’s probably a medium to deep concave and the kicktail and nose are just right.

Testing: I took this new board out into the streets to ollie over some sidewalks and bushes near my house. It went just as I expected push down on the tail, then slide the front foot up and bam! I ollied, it works! (Yes, this is Dan’s attemt at humor. I had to check too. -k.ed) This board could totally function well for me in the street, the thinner tail is actually a good thing when doing tailslides and it made for some good maneuverability in flatground tricks.


Next I pushed the board across town to hook up with some friends and go to Aumsville to ride on some transition. It took me a little time to get used to the skinnier tail but I soon forgot that there was any difference between this and my usual board. The 15″ wheelbase was good for doing some carves around the park and I was riding my usual lines in no time. I also managed to get a session in at another local park the next day in between the constant rain showers here in the PNW. This time I tried to abuse the deck a little more and ride it harder by smacking down on disasters and a few lien to tails. The Sigafoos held up under my 170 lb physique, I have a feeling this board will last me a long time unless I decided to give it to one of the jobless hooligans I skate with here.

In my humble opinion this board rips, it feels pretty strong and the smooth finish helped me pull a couple boardslides even though some of the coping was a bit rusty from rain in spots. I like the 15″ wheelbase since 90% of my skating is done on transitions and you can’t beat the price the Extinction is offering this at, $30, and that includes shipping! Well worth the price for a quality piece of wood.

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