Creature: Darren Navarette et al

Creature: Darren Navarette

NHS’s Creature is back from the dead, huh? The logo is extra cool, but some of the graphics are kind of generic looking, like a Molly Hatchet bootleg or bad fake tattoos. No web site either except for a flash animation that lets you sign up for mail. Hmmm, maybe this is why we get so few boards to review…. Creature sent us three decks unsolicited, which is the best kind. We thought we were special, but it looks like they sent the same pack out to everyone, possibly because the top screens and bottom art didn’t match up and they printed more than their team riders could possibly use. In any case, we’re happy. We’re seeing these boards all over though, so either they’re doing something right or they gave away a shitload. We gave one to Danterra to put through the paces. – k.ed

Creature 8.25″ Darren Navarette Model

Well its been a few years since I’ve really done much street skating so when I got the opportunity to review this board I was stoked. My ollie was starting to get weak so I had to do something about it, hence I set up this fresh new and free Creature Darren Navarette 8.25″ pro model deck. I’ve been skating 8.75″-9 wide boards for the past few years so at first this 8.25″ deck with a 14″ wheelbase felt strange to me. Even though it’s big for a modern street board it suited my street style just fine. It didn’t take long to adjust to and I was soon popping ollies over a bucket that I set up in my driveway. This board has some good pop, I was able to pull some ollies, no-complys, and kickflips pretty consistently and higher than normal. The concave is just about right for what I like too, kinda deep and it sticks to my feet.


Graphics: The graphics on this board keep with the Creature theme, the top graphic is the best part of the board, a scene of some zombies walking out of a graveyard, it looks like some kind of photo turned into drawing style graphic (I dont know what that’s called I’m no art geek). There’s something to be said for good top graphics since everybody covers them up nowadays and some boards don’t have them at all. Where’s the creativity that we saw with top graphics and griptape back in the 80’s? The bottom graphics are of the 4 horsemen coming to rein fear and death upon man. It’s a scary enough idea but the artwork is a little too cartoon-like to be scary so I was sorta happy to pull some boardslides and scratch it off a bit. The neon green color was also kind of annoying, why are these neon colors coming back anyway, next thing ya know companies will be putting out hip packs and flip-bill hats again.


Performance testing: (that sounds professional) I skated this board in several locations, my driveway, streets near where I live and in the streets of Japan. So far I like this board, it feels like the Black Label boards that I used to skate a few years ago when I was more of a street skater. It’s got some good pop, flips well and the concave keeps it under my feet. Overall the board rode great, and has stayed pretty crisp.


Rating: I rate this board an 8 out of 10, its got good concave a good shape and the wood feels strong. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the green color but that’s only superficial, you may love it. This is just the type of board I would have bought from the shop for my street deck. Did I mention that I liked the zombies?

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