Born To Rock

Born To Rock

Todd Taylor
Gorsky Press
Copyright Date: 2004
Review Date: 2004

An Excellent collection of interviews and essays from the head honcho at Razorcake. Interviews range from the likes of Maximum R&R founder Tim Yohannon, and bands like Smogtown, NOFX, Dilinger Four, as well as other writers like the Reverend Norb, subversive Winston Smith, human rights activists and even good ole crusty Duane Peters. In between the chapters are pictures of bands or the people in question. This is a really good bathtub, break room, or bed time read. It even made me interested in some bands that I had written off before hearing a note, as well as others I was unfamiliar with. The essays and interviews are interesting enough to wet your apetite and short enough to facilitate skipping around to differnt sections or picking up a quick read in isolated fragments of time.

The subjects and subject matter range from highly serious the comical. The story of Todd’s “Born to Rock”/ flaming “Mom” tattoo is instant gratification for your purchase price. Todd has a passion for punk rock and the DIY ethic. It shows in Born To Rock, especially in his essays where he talks about his roots (including skating) and history. A must-read bonus for up and coming DIY-ers is some good solid advice on how to conduct a successful band interview. Like the subtitle says: Heavy Drinkers and Thinkers. Well worth the very reasonable price. Stop reading this review and go buy the book!

Paperback – 320 pgs. – $10.00 ppd.

Online Action:

No Tech: Gorsky Press PO Box 42024 LA, CA 90042

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