The Johns: In Tune

The Johns: In Tune

The Johns hail from Southern California and they sound like it. Featuring members from Die Hunns, Fuel, The Adz, The Crowd, The Bleeders, The Grabbers, The Pushers & Chester Bennington’s Bucket Of Weenies. Most of those bands I’ve never heard of and since there isn’t nine guys in the Johns I assume they have been around the block a few times. The In Tune 7 inch is on pink vinyl and the cover, though simple, is a pretty good image. The music is in the rock and roll vein of punk rock, but does not approach rawk parody. The singer’s voice is raw without sounding blown out, and it’s got just enough desperation to make it sound interesting. The music is fast and heavy, but not metal in any way. The hooks are good and the songs are catchy. Crapped Out reminds me a little of the Smut Peddlers. Wanna Die is probably the best track on the single closing out side two, or at least I assume it is cause I don’t have a working turntable. Fortunately the label included a promo CD too. Info on the band is scarce on the label site and the band’s Myspace home. Geez, did I just type that? Myspace? Aaack! Hey, X is one of their Myspace friends! X has some great footage from a David Letterman appearance promoting More Fun in the New World, two songs plus an interview! In any case, The Johns single is pretty good, and their Myspace page has another good single in the background. Nothing ground breaking or earth shattering, just good solid punk rock and roll. Look forward to their full length release which is due in September. If the single is any sign, it could be promising. Last but not least, Drummer Joel Ronamoe reads like “Joey Ramone” when you gloss over his name in the line up. That can’t be bad either.

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