Peachfuzz: About a Bird

Peachfuzz: About a Bird

Peachfuzz: About a Bird
Label: Dionysus Records
Release Date: 2003
Review Date: 9/15/05

This is the third record from the LA based band Peachfuzz. I can’t vouch for the first two, but About a Bird is a highly enjoyable surprise. Peachfuzz is a mix of 70’s powerpop and 60’s psychedelica. While not exactly derivative, they could have easily taken the place of the Plimsouls on the Valley Girl soundtrack, and that’s not meant to be a slight to either of them. This is a best case scenario of Americans copying the sound of early British Invasion bands who were trying to sound like Americans in the first place. Fortunately Peachfuzz improves instead of merely parroting. The production is really clean, and About a Bird is a great find. Standouts are the opening rocker So Why Not Now, ihe melancholy but still funny Save Us Tammy Faye and the title track, which appears to actually be about a bird. A sense of humor pervades the whole albu, increasing the fun without becoming too jokey. I don’t know what kind of scene they have going in their own home town, but I’m guessing they have a small army of stylish devotees. Did I just write “stylish devotees”? Geez, I’m such a wanker. Check out Peachfuzz if you are a fan of well-crafted pop songs. I can’t get their web site to come up, but for gods sake don’t go to or you’ll end up at the official fan site of Enuff Znuff. Also, the Dionysus Records web site is not much help either, that thing needs some work.

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