The Spits: 19 Milliion A.C. EP

The Spits

The Spits: 19 Milliion A.C. EP
Label: Dirtnap Records
Release Date: 04
Review Date: 2/8/05

Some points about this release that may help you get to know the Spits. The CD is billed as a re-release of 19 Million A.C. EP (all 4 songs from a 7″ ) plus 15 “bonus” tracks. Yes, the bonus tracks outnumber the actual tracks. Like all Spits CD’s this one is short on liner notes and things like copyright dates, but the rest of the tracks are supposed to be the combined output of Spits 7″ singles plus some extras. The average track length is 1:49, not including 8 and a half minutes of silence before the last track entitled “Gay Live Stuff.” The song “Violence Cup” appears firston track 10, and then again in a different version on track 13. There are a couple of covers, in cluding G.G. Allen’s Drink Fight and Fuck as well as The Dicks’ “Kill from the heart” which sounds remarkably like the original if it were performed on heroin at twice the original speed and then slowed down for the master. The recording quality and sound levels vary. To say that these guys might be retarded would be redundant. These guys might be retarded. 19 Million A.C. channels Devo circa the Hardcore Devo releases (early demo tapes) and early Ramones. This CD is like a time capsule from an alternate future Punk Rock Planet of the Apes. The Spits are the band that you don’t have the balls to start. This excellent CD is available from the Spits’ web site delivered (glacially slow) for $14.30. Can you believe it? What are you waiting for?

Track Listing:

19 Million A.C.
Shitty Wold
Cha Cha Love
Remote Control
Black Car
Drop Out
Drink Fight And Fuck
Violence Cup
Kill From The Heart
Wendy O
Violence Cup
Pissed Off Baby
Beat My Head
Let Us Play Your Party
Space Guitar
Gay live stuff

Online Action: (I don’t think they own this domain anymore)
Online Action:

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