The Briefs: Sex Objects

The Briefs: Sex Objects

The Briefs : Sex Objects
Label: BYO Records
Release Date: 2004
Review Date: 12/20/04

Breaking the string of record industry puns for titles, Sex Objects, the third full length Briefs release was rumored to be slated for a major label. I’m not sure what happened, but BYO isn’t exactly a major label. Really, who cares. No one can yell “sell out” now. Sex Objects continues in the tradition of previous Briefs releases, although not quite as successfully. It may take a couple of extra spins for this one to go into heavy rotation. It’s not for lack of hits though, as the opener “Orange Alert” is almost on par with Off the Charts’ “We Americans,” another slyly sarcastic political commentary. Destroy the USA carries the upside down flag even further into battle. Imagine the flack you’ll catch walking down the street in a briefs shirt that says “Destroy the USA.” Start making them and I’ll buy one. “Killed By Ants” is another good example of the Briefs uniquely twisted sense of humor. Some reviews have stumbled over the change up that Ephedrine Blue presents, but it’s catchy lament about the crackdown and perhaps a tip of the ole beret to the Vibrator’s Amphetimine Blue. Songs like Ephedrine Blue are a welcome tempo and style change that aligns the band with some of the more pop leanings of NY and UK punks bands that were considered punk. Halfsize Girl is another good song.

Sex Objects has a little bit of filler, such as the annoying Shoplifitng at Macy’s and bland and predictable No More Presidents. Some would claim the same for Sally I Can’t Go To The Beach but they’d be wrong. Sex Objects is a good listen and a worth addition to any Briefs fan, but maybe not as good of a place to start for newcomers. One last complaint: What’s with the lack of liner notes? After 3 records it’s time for some legible pictures or lyrics or something more engaging. Maybe next time.

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