The Vice Dolls: Die Trying

Vice Dolls: Die Trying

The Vice Dolls: Die Trying
Label: Crosscheck
Release Date: 2004
Review Date: 2004

Straight outta Danville Illinois. which is about as middle America as it can get. That part of the Illinois always needed something for the kids to believe in. Heck, there’s not even a college in that town, so they gotta be desperate. Their press describes them as hardcore with a hint of Metal, but it’s more the other way around. More accurately it could be called Metal Emo Hardcore. (mEmo-core?) According to Ray Cappo, the Vice Dolls are fronted by “one of the most original female hardcore singers I’ve ever heard!” Are there that many? Ok. Smart-ass remarks aside, they do have a unique sound. Carrie’s vocals are kind of a monotone-whiny delivery that is not as bad as I just described, but is unfortunately buried in the mix of Die Trying. On the plus side, these guys have captured a blistering performance in the studio. Put it on at a party and it will likely satisfy your average undiscerning punk and metalhead. I guess (No, I know) I’m not a fan of metal, but Die Trying has one of the worst album covers I’ve ever seen – essentially a poor man’s (bankrupt!) version of Eddie from the Iron Maiden. I know the whole hesher scene is popular now but I wish it would just stop trying and die. These guys have the potential to become interesting. If they stay together long enough they may expand their horizons and incorporate other elements besides generic metal and hardcore, and mold it into something that is more their own. As it is, they on the verge of interesting. Or it could be perfect for you since I appear to be… out of step- with the WORLD!

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