Hellacopters: High Visibility

Hellacopters: High Visibility

Hellacopters: High Visibility
Label: Gearhead
Release Date: 2002
Review Date: 2003

What is the deal with all the Scandinavian 70’s rock bands? It’s pretty ironic that the type of music that most punk rockers fought so hard to destroy is now in with the out crowd. In a live performance, the Hellacopters rock harder than most bands of the original era did. They rock as hard as those old burned out hippie rockers think their favorite bands did, but didn’t. Unfortunately, the studio efforts of the genre can’t live up to the potential. And actually the question of potential depends on your tastes. What seems like a good idea after a few beers at the alterna-punk show can seem like a hangover once you spin the disc.

Like all good Swedish pop groups, the Hellacopters speak good American. Hell, one of the guys looks like Gary Busey’s kid. These guys are pretty faithful to the genre, right down to the cheesy piano solos. Except it sounds like they hired a budget session musician. Part of the appeal of punk rock was that you didn’t have to be a virtuoso like the guys that played the kind of music that the Hellacopters are emulating. So, if you’re going to do it, do it right, don’t get your buddy to play the piano solo. I’ve got to give High Visibility good marks for carrying out the vision in the cover art and inside art. I guess these guys are huge in Sweden. I had a Swedish girlfriend for about a month. She wasn’t too deep, but she was a lot of fun. In the end she was flaky and irritating.

Note: This band is not to be confused with the obscure new wave act Hellicopter from Florida, or the 90’s band of the same name.

Online Action: hellacopters.com
Online Action: gearheadrecords.com

Notech: Gearhead Records P.O. Box 42129 San Francisco Ca 94142

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