Invisible Skratch Piklz: The Shiggar Fraggar Show! VOL 2

Invisible Skratch Piklz: The Shiggar Fraggar Show! VOL 2

Invisible Skratch Piklz: The Shiggar Fraggar Show! VOL 2
Label: DJ Disk
Release Date: 2000
Review Date: 2002

Uh yeah. I’m not down with the whole DJ scene. I prefer good old fashioned punk rock if I’m going to dance. As I a child I was fascinated with a combination radio-tape player that was also able to get in some short wave bands and weird weather channels. I went through a phase where I would make mono recordings of static and other radio detritus mixed with voiceovers and ambient noise from the condenser mic on the Hitachi. It is in the spirit of those sessions that I picked up The Shiggar Fraggar Show. I’m interested in weird noises and amateur productions in general. I heard this in a music store decided to buy it. The Shiggar Fraggar Show isn’t really experimental, but it’s definitely low budget. I guess it’s a live recording of a DJ session featuring Q-Bert, Disk, Shortkut, Shiggar Fraggar, and UB. None of these names mean anything to me except for Q-bert, which was ripped off from the old Williams video game. The Shiggar Fraggar Show (vol2) is billed as an “orchestrated turntablist session strictly for the hardcore DJ fans.” In reality, it’s one big dork session that is entertaining, funny, and annoying. It’s not exactly something that you have to give your full attention to, but more like a cd you put on in the isolated back room at a party, or if your pulling an all-nighter, inhaling glue fumes while you build an airplane. I’m not sure if “hardcore” DJ fans will appreciate the overall goofiness of this recording, but I did. Don’t know a thing about Volume 1, but I assume it’s more of the same.

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