The Supersuckers: The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll

The Supersuckers: The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll

The Supersuckers: The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll
Label: Koch
Release Date: 1999
Review Date: 2001

The Supersuckers are the hardest working ne’er do wells in punk rock and roll. The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll carries on the Supersuckers’ traditiona of humor, bravado and self-deprecating swagger. Like most Supersuckers efforts, EPoRnR is full of guitar salvos and lots of alcohol, drugs, reminiscing, fights, and life on the road. Their act hasn’t changed, but they do it well. It’s easy to dismiss if you don’t give it a chance. The real magic in a Supersuckers cd is the vocal stylings of Eddie Spaghetti. He’s one clever and often surprisingly subtle penman. When the mood set by the blazing guitars is backed by the right combo of words and emotion , the cliches reach a higher level. It’s not like a gang of John Lennons (thank god). I’m just saying that there is more to them than meets the eye. Some stand-outs are the title track, “Cool Manchu”, “I can’t hold Myself in Line” and “Fisticuffs”, whose story can be faintly heard at the end of the track or read in the book “Hell On Wheels: a Tour Stories compilation.” “My Kickass Life” is brilliant. It sums up the Supersuckers perfectly. The final track “Hot Like the Sun” is the fucking greatest mini rock opera since anything by the Who. Better. Just shut up and listen to it loud enough to make youe ears bleed. The delivery of “I Want the Drugs” is reminiscent of “Tasty Greens” from their earlier release The Smoke of Hell. This time around it’s distilled and more potent. To bring it down a notch, “Dirt Roads, Dead Ends and Dust” is another personal tale from Eddie that give of glimpse of a real person behind the persona. Whether for show or for real, it’s petty engaging. Eddie’s got a real talent for the emotional sucke punch, just listen to “Marie” on Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers. The two weaker areas of EPoRnR are “Santa Rita High” and “Dead Meat”. I’m not sure why at this point in their career they writing songs about being a trouble maker in high school. At least it’s catchy. “Dead Meat” professional wrestling’s equivalent of Star Trek’s crew men in red shirts. It grows on you though.

If you’re already a fan of the Supersuckers, EPoRnR is more of the good stuff. If you’re new to them, EPoRnR is as good place as any to start. If you’re tired of the genre, as Eddie says in “My Kickass Life”, “No matter how good it gets, it can always get better.” This summer (2001) finds the Supersuckers playing at least one date with the legendary X. Brains and brawn. Be there, or shoot yourself in the head.

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