Supergrass: Supergrass

Supergrass: Supergrass

Whatever happened to the Supergrass that recorded Caught by the Fuzz? Most bands strive to avoid stagnation, and the critics call this maturity, but sometimes kids grow up way too fast. On this, their third major release, Supergrass are sounding more and more like Supertramp. “In it for the Money” has absolutely nothing in common with the first half of I Should Cocoa, which isn’t a bad thing except for the fact that the first half of I Should Cocoa is pretty amazing in the same way that the first Police album was. That’s Outlandos D’Amour for all you high schoolers out there. In it For the Money was harder to swallow at first, and new self titled effort is even harder. Two thirds through the record it really becomes enjoyable with a track called “EON”. “Jesus Came from Outta Space” is catchy even though it has an annoying title, but let’s face it, alternativeland already has enough songs that make ironic (or blasphemous) reference to Jesus. He died for your sins, by the way. Not mine though. “Pumping on Your Stereo” is a pure pop radio hit, or maybe it would have been sometime in the mid seventies when FM radio was at it’s heyday. “Born Again” might just have been stolen from OK Computer, and I’m sure these guys are sick of hearing about Radiohead. The end of the record tapers off a little. Supergrass certainly seem to have command of their instruments and compositions. This is a record that you could probably enjoy with your parents. It’s definitely on the melllow side. As an added bonus, Supergrass gives you a code that will allow you to preview 5 extra tracks and Download 2 via the internet from Don’t bother going there before buying because you need an access code to get in the front door. Apparently they don’t want any unauthorized previewing for unkown reasons. For that matter, why not make them all free. It feels like someone in a suit must have talked them into this.

UPDATE: Coming back to this record a couple years later, I’m enjoying it much more. I must have gotten over my desire to for “Caught by the Fuzz” part 2. – K.ed

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