Les Savy Fav: Cat and Cobra

Les Savy Fav: Cat and Cobra

Les Savy Five: Cat and Cobra
Label: Frenchkiss
Release Date: 1999
Review Date: 2000

Some people might call this shoe gazer music on amphetamines, or math rock without the math. I call it boring and/or annoying. It sounds like some irritating college band with at least one hippy on the payroll. My friend at the PR firm in New York assures me that they are all the rage somewhere, but not at my house. Ok, track 2 is kind of interesting, until the end when it becomes annoying. “We’ve been sleeping with our shoes on for much too long…” Sounds more like they’ve been listenening to crap for much too long. Also, everyone’s heard the trick where you constantly yell vocals just past the point of distortion. Why would anyone make a record like this at this point in the history of music? It sounds like a demo tape leftover from the Kids soundtrack. Ok, I like some of the production tricks with the tape noise or whatever it is. Whatever. This record is annoying. Available for $10 post paid on cd or $8 on vinyl from somewhere else. What a treat that must be. Just think, in addition to crappy songs you’ll get some extra static for 2 bucks cheaper. It’s been a while since I’ve been irritated in this particular manner. Please contact them at lessavyfive.com. They seem really sincere.

Cat and Cobra: C-

Frenchkiss Records 111 east 14th st PMB 229 NY NY 10003

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