Skatecolorado – Mountains of Trannys

Skatecolorado - Mountains of Trannys

I’d like to register my disastifaction that this video features no transsexuals or transgendered skaters, in fact there was not a single “chick with a ___” to be seen. Mountains of Tranny indeed! – k-ed.

Good value for dollar here. SKATECOLORADO – MOUNTAINS OF TRANNYS covers 10 years, scores of spots and skaters and a metric ass-load of skateboarding. Who knew Colorado had so much skateboarding? Okay, I knew they had a lot, but holy crap, we’re talking a scene of Pacific Northwest proportions.

Featuring skatepark (I counted 17 skateparks) and backyard megaramp action (19 ramps in the backyard section), pools and pipes, contests, demos, girls skating, mayhem, skaters doing stupid shit, skaters eating shit, skaters rating spots on a beer scale (Ft. Collins gets two twelve packs PBR in bottles with ice dripping down the side, Trinidad gets double 30 pack iced, unopened) skaters drinking beer, skaters talking about drinking beer, skaters drinking beer during a contest – while skating. The box lists 22 skaters. I know the website lists many more.

Videography is mostly home-movie quality but almost all of the skating is excellent. Childress, Trujillo, Drenhobl, Science Fair, Hassan, Tobin and a bunch of other well-knowns, has beens and unknowns throw down some amazing runs. There is a good variety of stuff you don’t see everyday. There have been some amazing backyard setups in Colorado. The Humbler is a huge pool shaped ramp – big waterfall. Superunknown is another monster that includes multiple level chjanges and a rad over vert wall. Bruce and Vince’s you may have seen before, bowled one end, mini section in the middle with a sideways quarter up to more big wall with onside oververt that dudes roll-in off of. I’ve seen footage of Drehnobl there in other videos.

Soundtrack is good, a few memorable tunes – generally rocking.

So what’s wrong about MoT? I am getting tired of watching mini-ramp footage – fun to skate and amazing how elaborate some ramps are but a little goes a long way.At least there was no footage of handrail tricks. There were also some extremely annoying video effects timed to the music or just applied for general trippiness. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. A couple of the scenes go on a little too long. Glad to see a section about girl skaters but it was definitely affirmative action. Okay, I saw one girl do a blunt to fakie, I can’t do that. Oh, and that terra cotta concrete in the Denver park is kind of gross looking.

For all that, I had no trouble sitting through no story and very little dialogue and almost an hour and a half of non-stop action. I’d recommend skatecolorado – mountains of trannys to your video library. If I was going to Colorado, I’d be excited.

What about the memorable cover shot? – k-ed.

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