Concrete Disciples: The Best of Concrete Disciples

Concrete Disciples: The Best of Concrete Disciples

Ok, if by some chance you’re reading this online and you aren’t aware of Concrete Disciples I’ll give you the low down. What Skull and Bones is for the collectors, Concrete Disciples is for the action crowd, essentially the definitive place on the web to learn about what’s happening as far as skateparks and skating on concrete. Another draw is the very active user forums, where riders of all ages and geographical locations post everything from thoughtful questions, to out of control rants, with some photos and video thrown in to boot. Heck, even George Powell has been known to throw in his two cents. The CD HQ is in L.A., and most of the action is centered on the west coast. Editor Jeff Greenwood and crew travel when they can, and hit a lot of the industry events, both notable and under the radar. The best of Concrete Disciples is what happens when you take video cameras to these events. The Best of Concrete Disciple opening intro features Los Hornets as the soundtrack for some footage with a unique effect that I can honestly say I have never seen before. It’s clean and simple, and a hint of what is to come.

The Best of Concrete Disciples is split into two different types of footage, all shot with a fairly decent video camera that is only occasionally out of focus or dirty. The bulk of the footage comes from events such as sessions at fairly well known pools after industry events, or some World Cup contest footage. This footage is typically of the “no special access variety,” standing on the deck along with the rest of the crowd, but the shots are steady. The rest of the footage is primarily made up of more private sessions in skateparks, secret pools or some of the more recognizable pools you might have already seen in some of the major mags. There is little or no extraneous introduction to the various segments except for a smartly animated screen graphic that tells you what or who you are watching. It’s not anything spectacular and I can’t tell if it is canned, but people seem to get a kick out of it. The footage is edited tightly, giving you a quick “you were there” sensation. The quality of the skating is more solid than jaw dropping, with a few exceptions. The skaters featured are a good mix of guys you know, don’t know or may have forgotten about such as Eddie Reatagui. (!)

Some Featured Skaters: Neil Heddings, Brian Patch, Omar Hassan, Mark Partain, Dave Ruel, Lance Mountain, Jake Piaseki, & Benji Galloway, Duane Peters

Featured Spots: Basic Bowl Comp, Kre-per Party @ the Pink Motel, Old School Skaters, The View, Dogtown/Zboys Premiere Party @ Vans in Orange, Orange Crush/Joe Lopes Memorial Jam, Strawberry Bowl Bash, Transworlds 20th Anniv. Party, Pala Norte, Spitfire Bowl – Vegas, Punk (Pink) Motel

Extra Features: There are none.

Bottom Line: The Best of Concrete Disciples is a solid DVD whose only fault is that some of the shots are cut to quickly let you soak it all in. It’s almost too much to take in. Also, at $19.99* it might seem a bit steep especially when compared with a Beers, Bowls, and Barneys. As a small independent release it was undoubtedly more expensive to produce. The Best of Concrete Disciples is a good way to show your support for the independent skate media (or community more correctly.) *Update: The Best of Concrete Disciples can be found in some locations for as little as $15.99 or $16.99. let’s face it, all videos should cost that much. Hold the phone: Now available for jus $9.99, which is a bargain. Go buy one now!

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