Thrasher: Beers, Bowls, and Barneys: DVD

Beers, Bowls and Barneys

Pool skating, what could be better, wait I know, nothing. Pools rule. There’s just a rad feeling that you get when skating something that wasn’t built to be skated. Well this video is all pool skating and it will get you stoked to grab your stick and go jump a fence. This isn’t another Chlorine-style pool documentary video where they give away too much information about pool skaters and you have to listen to everybody’s opinion about skateboarding but rather 30 minutes of full on skateboarding without narration, a good mix of lands and slams, and a good soundtrack. One thing that I like about Thrasher’s videos is that they always have decent tunes. Not only is the level of skating in this video rad but the price is good too, I picked this up for $9.95 in DVD format, that’s less than the case of Pabst I just bought. This video includes many familiar faces like Chet Childress, Peter Hewitt, Ryan Johnson, Lance Mountain and Pete the Ox who does the sickest backside bonelesses in some steep shallow ends. This flick lives up to its name:

Beers: Plenty of beers are seen being consumed and the sound effect of a can being opened every minute or so fits nicely with the action.

Bowls: Its all about the bowls, there’s no street skating or back and forth ramp skating in this vid, carve carve slash carve slash baby.

Barneys: The only groms in this one are handing out beers to older dudes, way to learn em young.

Extra Features: About 20 minutes worth of footage from New Zealand on moslty decrepit parks built in the 70’s, including one with a crazy snake run and fullpipe that looks like it was built at 1/2 scale. Not just the fullpipe, but the whole park! A mellow feature that is still worth watching, but your interest may fade. – K-ed.

I recommend you watch this one and stop being a pussy.

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