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Grip City Wheels

Height: 59mm Durometer: 85a Width: I lost my micrometer Contact Patch: I haven’t found my micrometer yet Grip City Wheels are not just the house wheel brand of Rip City Skates, but more of a special project. They’re currently available only in one configuration: 59mm 85a durometer. These wheels are in fact, grippy and softer […]

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Toy Machine: Fiber Prime Billy Marks deck

Toy Machine Fiber Prime deck, 8.0” X 31” The fiber in this Fiber Prime deck isn’t made of wheat or bran like the breakfast cereals of the vegan Toy Machine guys but rather some man-made high-density thermal poly ply. The deck has 6 plies of wood and one of the special fiber material. The feel […]

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Merde Skateboards: Cigar Band

Width: 7.75 – 8.5 Length: 31.375 – 32.5 Wheelbase: 13.75 – 14.75 Sometimes a graphic can be so hideous or messed up that it can draw you to it like gawkers at a grisly highway accident. The graphic on this deck is one of those. On the surface it’s just a cigar band featuring a […]

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Pocket Pistols: Duane Peters Slalom Deck

Width: Yes Length: Yes! Wheelbase: Adjustable Slalom. I don’t know a damn thing about it. It came from the 70’s and it died in the 80’s, but somehow it’s making a comeback of sorts in this decade. (The 00’s?) In any case. Through a convoluted set of circumstances I found myself with a new slalom […]

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Madrid: Cadillac Wheels

Madrid: Cadillac Wheels 52mm 92a Durometer Cadillac Wheels were the first production urethane skateboard wheels in 1973. Frank Nasworthy is credited with bringing the urethane wheel to skateboarding, almost as if he invented them. The history books (and films) are not very clear on how these wheels differed, if at all, from the preexisting urethane […]

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Madrid: Cadillac Trucks

Madrid Skateboards Cadillac Trucks 5.5″ I got these trucks to set up on a retro cruiser hybrid because I figured I wouldn’t need the performance and I wanted to match the styling to the appropriate era. I suppose I could have just gotten Indy’s but I don’t have a wholesale connection there so that was […]

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M & M: Retro Tread

8″ x 31.25″ 14.25″ Wheelbase Chances are you might have heard of M and M Skateboards from Portland Oregon if only from the brief spotlight in the Buddy Nichols & Rick Charnoski Film Northwest. In any case, M and M is a small operation (getting bigger!) that started as a DIY project in the late […]

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Fury: Evo 850 Trucks

So I got to check out some Fury Evo’s in the 850 size, which is 8.5″ I assume. I’ve heard people say these are basically a copy of Indy trucks. I can’t vouch for that, but. according to a an anonymous inside source that I will ultimately fail to protect, “Evo is the Fury ‘high’ […]

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Extinction Skateboards: Death Angel

Ok you’ve got your Sigafoos model. Also available is the very cool Death Angel, which is a retro shape reminiscent of the old Santa Cruz Claus Grabke. The art is also don by Ken Sigafoos. The picture here doesn’t do it justice. You’ll have to go to the Extinction web site to see a large […]

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Bones: Chris Miller SPF

Bones wheels recently released this tribute wheel for Chris Miller who has come back onto the scene in the past couple of years. For you younger guys Chris Miller is an influential vert skater who ripped hard in the 80’s then disappeared from the limelight for a while only to reappear as one of the […]

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