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Eldorado and the Ruckus: Planet of the Vampires II

Eldorado and the Ruckus features Eldorado Del Rey formerly of the Porch Ghouls. While the Porch Ghouls had Cramps comparisons, The Ruckus can inevitably be compared to Jon Spencer and the Blues Explosion. Reading some of the song titles and the press for this record I was hoping for more of an early Gun Club […]

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The Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge – Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass

The Nutley Brass: Fiend Club Lounge – Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass Label: Rykodisc Release Date: 6/28/05 Review Date: 5/12/06 The Nutley Brass are back again with another highly enjoyable album of time-warped covers. This time they tackle the Misfits instead of the Ramones. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, imagine orchestrated versions […]

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Perish: Our Sin

Perish: Our Sin Label: Anko Records Release Date: 6/26/06 Review Date: 6/08/06 Emo metal with a death-metal vocal seemingly pasted over the top. Dramatic, sensitive high school poetry for lyrics worthy of a Winona Ryder type character in Beetlejuice. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? The title song shows potential until the Death […]

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Volumen: Science Faction

Volumen: Science Faction Label: Wantage USA Release Date: 3/16/05 Review Date: 5/12/06 Sometimes I feel bad when people send me something (unsolicited) to review and I don’t like it. These guys are proof that you can put the new wave in a college town, but you can’t take the hippy out of Missoula, Montana. Er, […]

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Ari Up: Dread More Dan Dead

Ari Up: Dread More Dan Dead Label: Collision Release Date: 6/12/05 Review Date: 5/12/06 Let’s get the pedigree out of the way. Ari Up is a founding member of the legendary Slits and step-daughter to Johnny Rotten. She went MIA for a while, and now she’s back. So how do you go from being a […]

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Killing Joke: Hosannas From The Basements of Hell

Killing Joke: Hosannas From The Basements of Hell Label: Cooking Vinyl Release Date: 4/03/06 Review Date: 4/19/06 Sure, I was raised Catholic and I’ve been to mass hundreds of times in my younger years, but I still had to look up “hosanna” to get the literal definition. To plagiarize paraphrase, it means “a shout of […]

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Buzzcocks: Flat-Pack Philosophy

Buzzcocks: Flat-Pack Philosophy Label: Cooking Vinyl Release Date: 3/07/06 Review Date: 4/10/06 The Buzzcocks are back with another record label and a solid release. Go back and listen to the earlier records and you’ll be surprised to learn that the average tempo of Flat-Pack Philosophy is faster than that of say, Love Bites. The previous […]

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Pan For Punks. A Steel Drum Tribute to the Ramones

Tracy Thornton/Pan For Punks : Pan For Punks. A Steel Drum Tribute to the Ramones Label: Release Date: 11/5/05 Review Date: 4/4/06 Tribute albums blow, for the most part. The better the band, the worse the tribute… usually. The Ramones have no less than three tribute albums so far, maybe even more. There’s the very […]

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Horrorpops: Bring It On!

Horrorpops: Bring It On! Label: Hellcat Release Date: 9/18/05 Review Date: 4/3/06 Somehow a couple years have passed and the Horrorpops have not become chart toppers. One can only assume that’s because they lost the lovely Mille as back up go-go dancer (nothing against Naomi!) This is the second release and suffers a little from […]

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Various: This Is Skateboard Music

Various: This Is Skateboard Music Label: Diggler Release Date: 10/08/2006 Review Date: 4/3/06 The era of the variety-show type media crossover seems to be truly dead. You don’t see to many actors trying to sing. OK, there have been a few rapping basketball players, but be thankful that the heyday of the novelty song has […]

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