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I’m looking for two things here:

Someone to curate content in Broken Kingpins. This requires no real writing, just post the item or video with a link to where you got it. Additional commentary is unnecessary but welcomed if you want. This is basically Facebook style feed of skateboard ephemera to waste time on. Promo videos, product releases, whatever. Post as little or as much as you want. More than one position available. Some sort of reference required, such as being a long time commentator here on S&A or a recommendation from someone who is. Head over to Broken Kingpins to see what the kind of posts we’re looking for.

A female contributor I’m looking for someone to provide a different point of view. Old white guys have certainly had their say, so here’s a chance to reach a preexisting audience. You will not be expected to approach every (or any) as the female voice of your skateboarding generation, although you could if you wanted. My hope here is that a female contributor would have an inherently different voice. As the publisher of Skate and Annoy, I’m happy to provide an outlet, and quite frankly, it takes some of the load off my back! Be forewarned that S&A can sometimes be a hostile atmosphere, but meathead commentators will be bounced. This position requires a writing sample and a decent command of the english language, grammar, etc… I don’t want to have to spell check everything, I can barely keep my own writing to an appropriate education level. Of course, I’m always looking for non gender specific contributors, but I’d like to have at least one female voice here.

The “job” of running this web site is not a job at all. Nobody gets paid, including your dear editor. My goal for some time has been to turn Skate and Annoy into a community instead of the Kilwag Show, but I have no false expectations. It’s a more or less thankless job that you do for your own satisfaction and the occasional freebie, as well as a pat on the back from loyal readers. The vast majority of contributors never last very long, some no more than a couple posts! But it is the best thing ever, did I mention that?

If you’re interested, go ahead and get in contact.

Kilwag – Editor

P.S. – That handwritten font is MC Hand.


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