Swank Zine: NSA Issue

Swank Zine NSA Issue - Cover

Zine: Swank Zine NSA Issue
From the collection of Billy Runaway

Date: 1986
From: Salona beach, California
Format: Letter sized, folded in half, stapled
Type: hand written, photocopied
Pages: 12

By: Tod Swank
Art: Tod Swank
Photos: Swank, Vuckovich, Jawhn
Thanks: Everett, Hogan, Wendy, Phil E, Jawhn, Phread

About: The theme running through this short issue is N.S.A. aka No Skating Allowed. It’s a little bit of a bitch session about ho the NSA runs their contests, including some official NSA rules and guidelines governing personal behavior for the 1986 Anaheim Contest. Typical Swank Zine look and feel, but again, a lot of the text has been reduced so small as to be impossibly to read, even when scanned and blown up larger than life size.

Features: Somebody named MR. Noel getting a nasty letter from campus security for “continued skateboarding on campus.” A poem by Mrs Harris titled “Ode to Monty.” Apparently Monty was instrumental in organizing the world skateboard competition at the Expo in Vancouver, Canada. The Other End – a band by Gullwing Trucks employees John Hogan and Joe Povely. Talk about new additions to G&S roster – Nicky Guerrero, Adrian Demain on Powell, Reese Simpson on Variflex. Skaters Paradise in Santa Barbara owned by assholes? Reviews of Daily Grind, Skate Scene 5th anniversary, X- Zine and Dead Clown Zine.

Swank Zine NSA Issue - Cover

Swank Zine: NSA Issue - Pages 2-3

Swank Zine: NSA Issue - Pages 4-5

Swank Zine: NSA Issue - Pages 6-7

Swank Zine: NSA Issue - Pages 8-9

Swank Zine: NSA Issue - Pages 10-11

Swank Zine: NSA Issue - Back Cover


  1. Hell yeah!

  2. That little blurp about the NSA contest was for the Holiday Havoc at the Anaheim Convention center in 1986. It was a great contest that just happened to be in my hometown. They unveiled the 720 Tony Hawk video game there and I believe it was the first huge stadium indoor Vert Ramp contest. Christian was blasting and Jeff Philips won the competition while shrooming. “Just say Nope to Dope and Ugh to Drugs!” kids. Wait a minuet that was the 70’s, this was the 80’s “Just say No!” Nancy Reagan era.

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