Stop Skate Harassment #4

Skate Harassment #4 - Cover

Editor’s Note: First off, I’ve never been so irritated when processing a zine for inclusion to the gallery. I just got sick of doing it, to the point where I was getting mad at the guys who made this! This issue is 68 pages long! Just reading it all requires a commitment, not to mention all the scanning and reformatting. Then I started marveling at the amount of effort it took to produce this issue. It must have cost a small fortune to print and taken months to compile. Stop Skate Harassment #4 is an impressive time capsule of 1983 skate/punk culture. I don’t know how many issues came out, but it wouldn’t surprise me if birthing this issue killed them. Somewhere around page 22 I got out of sequence with the scans, and it looks like I’m missing a page. I don’t have the original, so I would be blown away if someone else had this issue and could provide the missing page or correct the sequence. I had to make an informed calculation with 1983 as the release date based on the various record reviews cited as new releases. Also, a Touch & Go records advert lists a pre-Chicago Ohio address. For a while I had to guess the location too. Even with multiple ads for t-shirts and sending photos and content to SSH, the actual location is only listed once after the record reviews.

Zine: Skate Harassment #4
From the collection of Billy Runaway

Date: 1983 (?)
From: Fresno, California.
Format: 8.5 x 11, Pink Cover
Type: Photocopied
Pages: 68 (!)

Publisher: Matt Dunlap
Editorial: Matt Dunlap and Gregg Mitchell
Contributors: Tim Tonooka, John Appelby, Tim Biskup, Matt Biskup, OP Moore, Greg johnson, Nick Miller, Erick Holt, Spike, Jeff, John Crawford, Tesco Vee, Steve Caballero, Beth Wright, Cliff Hanger, Bob Pribble, Whayne, Dale Stewart. Evan.

Featuring: Tons of gig reviews, zine listings, skate photos, band interviews, etc.

Gig reviews: Cambodian Kids, Death or Glory, Capitol Punishment, F-ups, Verbal Abuse, Minor Threat, NBJ,

Interviews: Pariah, Negative Approach, the Necros.

Skaters: Hiiliard, Matt, Steve and Tim Biskup, John Appelby, OP Moore, Tony Magnusson, Chris Miller, Erik Nash, Steve Biskup, Rick F., Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick, or did they mistake him for Brandon Cruz? of the Courtship of Eddie’s Father?) Nick Miller,
Doug from Public Problem, Neil Blender, Keith Stphensen, Greg Johnson, Gene Foresi, Bob Reeves, Andy Williams, Scott Smolinski, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Robert Linton, Melarie, Alan Losi, Chuck, Tony Tapiana, Lee, Jeff Kendall,

Record Reviews: White Cross, Crass, Descendents (Fat EP), The Young and the Useless, Poison Idea (Pick Your King), DRI, Minor Threat (Out of Step), Fartz (World Full of Hate), The Freeze (Guilty Face), Rattus / WC Rajataa? (from Finland), The Meatmen (Crippled Children Suck), VA You’ll Hate This Record, Sudden Death, Whipping Boy.

Gossip: Winston Smith, Frank Discussion (Feederz), Gerry Hannah (Akak Gerry Useless from Subhumans), Tim Yohannon, Jello Biafra,

Scene Reports: Richmond Virginia, Indianapolis Indiana, Boston, Oregon (Dead Kenndeys in Euguene!), the Rockies, Washington D.C., Fresno,

Spots: Pipeline, Kona, Assorted backyard ramps, Travis Airforce base halfpipe, Del Mar Skateranch, Erick’s ramp,

Honorable Mentions: Ads for Dolphin Wrench skate tool. List of Radio stations and shows with punk and hardcore. Reference to a newspaper article on punk rock with a “typical ‘QuincY’ slant” referring to portrayal of punk rock on the TV show Quincy. Black Flag legal problems. Editorial speaking out against racial and gender slurs, request for more matinee punk shows for all ages, military recruitment at Bullard high school, Target Video piece reproduced from a magazine or newspaper, Photos of MDC, Minor Threat, Think Tank, Intensified Chaos, The Meat Men, Sin 34, Rattus, White Cross, Urban Assault, The Mob, The Young and the Useless, Social Unrest. Ads for Fogtown skatebaords, Madrid, Dolphin Wrench, Variflex Skateboards.


Over a half a page used in a passionate argument for believing in god, and Christianity, which seems very out of step with the rest of the musical content featured so heavily in the issue. My favorite passage – “Oh that Bible is just a bunch of stuff, someone just made all of that up. Again I say ‘BULLSHIT!'” Right after the religous pieces, there’s a rant about “rockers” being too narrow minded, and how they need to “Stop! Being so opinionated, open your mind!”

Skate Harassment #4 - Cover

Skate Harassment #4, pages 2-3

Skate Harassment #4, pages 4-5

Skate Harassment #4, pages 6-7

Skate Harassment #4, pages 8-9

Skate Harassment #4, pages 10-11

Skate Harassment #4, pages 12-13

Skate Harassment #4, pages 14-15

Skate Harassment #4, pages  16-18

Skate Harassment #4, page 16 Detail

Skate Harassment #4, pages 18-19

Skate Harassment #4, pages 20-21

Skate Harassment #4, pages 22-23

Skate Harassment #4, pages 24-25

Skate Harassment #4, pages 26-27

Skate Harassment #4, pages 28-29

Skate Harassment #4, pages 30-31

Skate Harassment #4, pages 32-33

Skate Harassment #4, pages 34-35

Skate Harassment #4, pages 36-37

Skate Harassment #4, pages 38-39

Skate Harassment #4, pages 40-41

Skate Harassment #4, pages 42-43

Skate Harassment #4, pages 44-45

Skate Harassment #4, pages 46-47

Skate Harassment #4, pages 48-49

Skate Harassment #4, pages 50-51

Skate Harassment #4, pages 52-53

Skate Harassment #4, pages 54-55

Skate Harassment #4, pages 56-57

Skate Harassment #4, pages 58-59

Skate Harassment #4, pages 60-61

Skate Harassment #4, pages 62-63

Skate Harassment #4, pages 64-65

Skate Harassment #4, pages 66-67

Skate Harassment #4, back cover


  1. Crickets…

  2. Let’s see, the law of averages says Rattus from Finland sucked because the Bastards and Terveet Kadet didn’t, that god doesn’t exist because the world does, and that Black Flag has legal troubles.

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