Death Mag Volume 2, #1

Death Mag V2- #1, cover

Zine: Death Mag Volume 2, #1
From the collection of Billy Runaway

Date: Winter, 1983
From: Palmdale, California
Format: Letter sized
Type: Photocopied, typewritten
Pages: 18 (at least, see notes)

Publisher: Keith Stephenson
Art: Don Death
Photos: Jeff Rowe, Don Death, Keith Stephenson, Jordan McKell, Grant Brittain, Chris May

Featuring: Music reviews, Green Valley Bowl, Gator, Skate History of Antelope Valley, Back Door records, Damaged Goods (band), Party review at Steve, Gregg and Annette’s. (Annette’s got the hits!), Johnny Cats

Spots: Green Valley Bowl.

Honorable Mentions: Music review is about a brand new cable TV station that is often very lame, but sometimes plays cool stuff. Call Cablevision to request (wait for it…) MTV! Actually, last issues heavy on the the punk bands, this issue there’s a lot of new wave, new romantics post-punk. Must be the influence of MTV. An excellent verbal response to a property owner who threatened to “have the cops out here in 10 minutes” – “I guess we’ll be out of here in about 9 minutes then.” A photo from an issue of Action Now that features a guy with a Ski-Skate, but the trucks have been switched out for some OG Gull Wings. The rambling Gator interview, a good indication of where he was headed to, personality behavior wise before he really made it. He’s still riding for G&S at the time! Check out the glamour shot of Gator… kind of strange that he had what looks like a promo photo at that point in his career.

Local Slang: The three fingered peace sign AKA the Peace, but fuck you! “Indicating: I can relate but you’re still a dick. Often used when saluting big hippies cuz they don’t know what it means.”

Notes: Winter of 1983, Im not sure if it’s the end of 1983 or the beginning though. These are the original pages used for making copies. A few of the photos that were taped on are missing because they fell off sometime in the last 30 years…

Death Mag V2- #1, cover

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 2-3

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 4-5

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 6-7

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 8-9

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 10-11

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 12-13

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 14-15

Death Mag V2- #1, pages 16-17


  1. MayDay on April 1, 2014 - Reply

    What do you want to remember?

  2. MayDay on April 1, 2014 - Reply

    I would like to remember all of it but to many concussions are pre-venting that….who is this?

  3. MayDay on April 1, 2014 - Reply

    Issue 1 #1 Trans World Skateboarding Mag, Cab on the cover at Palmdale, Brian Ridgeway wrote an article about a Sk8 adventure he had with a young MD at the time.

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