Death Mag #2

Death Mag #2, cover

From the collection of Billy Runaway

Date: 1982
From: Palmdale, California
Format: Letter Sized, folded in half
Type: Photocopied, typewritten
Pages: 16-20 (see notes)

Editorial: Keith Stephenson
Art: Gregg Godfrey
Photos: Steve Lawrence, Gregg Godfrey, Keith Stephenson, Rodney Rose

Featuring: Music review, Steve’s Ramp. Skate History of Antelope Valley, CASL contest, Let’s talk skating. Live reviews of bands of the era, some legendary some not. Including: T.S.O.L. at the Plladium, The Blades, Youth Brigade, Social Distortion, Wasted Youth, Adolecents, The Editors, Code Blue, White Rose, The Flame, BBC. Mention of upcoming gigs at Magic Mountain with Suburban lawns, Motels, Alley Cats, and Oingo Boingo. Stacy Perlata, Craig Steyck and Tony Hawk at Steve’s ramp. Tommy Lawrence, Ronnie and David Mahaffey, Derek Gregg

Spots: Steve’s Ramp, Ronnie Mahaffey’s ramp from 1977.

Honorable Mentions: Excellent cartoon in lieu of actual photo of John Lucero’s “bionic” frontside air at Skate City.

Local slang: None really, but these guys really hated Journey. Jocks and hippies too. A l to of Jocks, Hippes and Punk Rock, must have been a purely Californian phenomenon for the time.

Notes: A much more fully realized issue compared to issue #1. More photos and content. These are the only remaining pages in the possession of the editor, and it appears that page 17 is missing. Actually, given the printer spreads are laid out, we’re probably missing pages 17-20, unless those last 4 pages (1 sheet) were never added.

Death Mag #2, cover

Death Mag #2, pages 2-3

Death Mag #2, pages 4-5

Death Mag #2, pages 6-7

Death Mag #2, pages 8-9

Death Mag #2, pages 10-11

Death Mag #2, pages 12-13

Death Mag #2, pages 14-15

Death Mag #2, back cover

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  1. This shit is pretty epic.

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