Concrete Crusaders #1

Concrete Crusader #1 - Cover

Zine: Concrete Crusader #1
From the collection of Kilwag

Date: February, 1988
From: Canton, OH
Format: Letter sized, folded in half, stapled
Type: Photocopied, handwritten
Pages: 8

Editorial: Matt McElroy, Chris Fenton
Photos: Matt McElroy
Contributors: Matt McElroy, Chris Fenton, Tim Letcavis

Featuring: Interview with Tim Letcavis. Photos of Geoff Thompsen, Chris Fenton, Derek Adar and Jim Hill.

Spots: Massilon City Hall

Honorable Mentions: Upcoming pro contest at Surf Ohio, Embarcodero SF

Extras: It’s a short and sparse first issue that is hand written and pretty sloppy, but it’s filled with excellent youthful optimism like “What’s up Shredders? Canton’s been pretty lame… Skate every day because it’s great and always remember, you should never hate.” At the end of Tim’s interview he shares his phone number so you can call him if you need info on spots, and “ask for Timmy,” which is truly… the best. Back cover has a note form the editor, signed T-Ed, which is how Kevin Thatcher used to chime in on the pages of Thrasher, but it actually stands for “Thrasher Editor,” so that’s kind of funny. There are a couple of poached photos from magazines and ads, but one page with 5 original photos, which is 5 more than the first issue of Skate and Annoy had! I probably picked this up at the Surf Ohio contest mentioned in the “Concrete Sheet.” The Surf Ohio contest (originally an am contest with pro demo) brought some big names in skateboarding to a smallish town in the middle of the Midwest in February. It was truly an event. That would have been good impetus for any local scene to start a zine.

Concrete Crusader #1 - Cover

Concrete Crusader #1, pages 2-3

Concrete Crusader #1, pages 4-5

Concrete Crusader #1, pages 6-7

Concrete Crusader #1, back cover


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